Philips and Cree accelerate expansion of LED lighting market (Figure)

Philips and its upstream supplier of LED components, Philips Lumileds, focus on the development of high-power LED-related products. High-power LEDs maintain high LED luminous efficiency under high-current driving, and improve LED cooling and heating functions, resulting in LED light output. The previous generation increased by 10%, which is more advantageous than other types of LEDs.

Philips and Cree accelerate the expansion of the LED lighting market

LED lighting is one of the main focuses of the future development of Philips Green Energy Industry. Philips will invest 1 billion euros, about 1.29 billion US dollars, in the research and development of green energy products. It is estimated that by 2015, LED lighting revenue will account for 50% of its lighting business. It will be further upgraded to 75% in 2020.