Project capacity of Junling Electronics and Hisense LED has expanded rapidly

In March of this year, Taiwan’s Junling Electronics settled in the development zone. Recently, the company, which has a total investment of 36 million US dollars, is engaged in the production of flat panel display, display materials, digital cable TV equipment supporting circuit board, LCD LED backlight and other products.

"We are optimistic that the development zone has Haier and Hisense's two major electronic and electronic production bases, which can be combined with the world's leading LED backlight and LED related circuit board SMT technology. At this stage, the project is expanding the leased plant area and increasing production capacity. During the year, the production line will be expanded to 20, with an estimated output value of about 800 million yuan. "The relevant person in charge of Junling Electronics said.

Last year, the Hisense LED Phase III project in the development zone was successfully put into operation. As the flag brand of China's flat-panel TV market, Hisense launched the 19-inch to 55-inch full range of LED LCD TVs last year, completing the transformation of high-end flat-panel TVs with LED as the core.

Relying on leading enterprises such as Haier and Hisense, the development zone has already vigorously introduced core electronic components such as LEDs and chips as the development focus. At present, several LED industry projects are actively promoting.