Rare earth strontium nanocrystals can help LEDs reduce costs

According to foreign media reports, rare earth lanthanum nanocrystals may become a missing raw material for making white LEDs cheaper and more energy efficient.
The report said: "Scientist Budai is working with a group of scientists at the University of Georgia and the Oak Ridge and Argonne National Laboratory to study a new set of crystals that produce the correct blend of white LEDs and other uses. Expert Pan's The University of Georgia team used yttrium oxide and alumina powders to synthesize nanocrystals as raw materials because the unique properties of rare earth elements are well suited as dopants and additives with good magneto-optical properties.

BR SOLAR Marked LED Street Lights adopt: High Quality Cree, Bridgelux, Epistar Chip,100LM-150LM/W; Special quadric optical lens which cast the rays of every LED onto a rectangular area,Getting better lighting effect for drivers and pedestrian; High transparent toughened glass and stainless steel or high purity aluminum reflector making higher lamp efficiency 0.95 to the road; High quality LED Constant Current Driver, efficiency at least 90%,makes our lamp works more stable; Design with Special LED PCB with in series and in parallel lines; Lamp wire according to GB/ISO/CE standard with Red + and Black 

 LED Street Lamp Technical Descriptions:
1.)Lamp Body: High-Pressure Die-Casting Aluminum. Corrosion Resistant,IP65 or IP68
2.)Application with Polyester Substance in its Surface.
3.)Reflector: High Purity Aluminum or Stainless Steel SS304,Mirror Polish.
4.)LED Cooler: Aluminum Material, Producing By Module
5.)Cover Glass: High Strength and High Transparent Toughened Glass 
6.)Fastener Bolt and Screws: Stainless Steel, Anti-theft screw
7.)Ambient Temp:-40~+50°C;Humidity:10%~95%
8.)Arm Diameter: 48 or 60mm

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