Reasons and solutions for burning speakers in audio or broadcasting systems

The speakers in the audio or broadcasting system often have burnt or broken sounds. Generally, people intuitively think that it is too loud to turn the speakers, and the speakers will be damaged. In fact, there are many situations, such as examples. As the following circumstances and reasons, I believe that you can help you maintain your horn for ten years.

We often use a microphone to speak or sing because the microphone is too close to the speaker or facing the speaker, and the loud volume produces a high-frequency positive feedback, and your tweeter may not work. This is because most of the signals from the high-pitched sounds are sent from the high-pitched sounds. This high-energy signal burns the horns through the fine treble. So often when you use the microphone, remember The volume is slowly increased from the top to the bottom, so don't open it at all, lest the speaker only emit a low frequency like a cow.

1. If you open too loudly, it will vibrate the horn. In another case, the power of the expansion machine is not enough to open and loud, and the output is an abnormal cutting signal. This situation will also damage the horn. It is recommended that users who prefer high volume should purchase high-power amplifiers. The low-power 30W stage is likely to burn low-impedance speakers.

2, if the amplifier has DC output, it will burn the woofer, and even a very small number of tweeters will burn. The reason is that there is no capacitor isolated DC on the bass (or other sound path) speaker. The DC output is like direct current into the speaker, and the splitter coil is burnt together. Therefore, when purchasing an amplifier, pay attention to it. First, use the meter to measure whether the output of the front and rear stages has DC output. If the front stage has DC output, it is possible to pass the DC to the speaker through the rear stage and then amplify the output.

3. If you are self-installed, you must know the high-frequency oscillation. If you are also installing it yourself, please pay attention to the high-frequency oscillation. It is best to check whether the front and rear stages have oscillations with an oscilloscope. Or DC output, in case you have not found this situation, then you may burn your advanced speakers enough to buy several 20MHz oscilloscopes.

The vacuum tube with the output transformer (or for broadcast) will not have DC output (if it is scary), but the vacuum tube machine is popular again. It is necessary to pay special attention to the vacuum tube machine which is more likely to have high frequency oscillation or interference. The situation is the most common cause of the horn, providing you with a reference for routine maintenance.

Equipment rematch, yin and yang should be reconciled

I have always stressed that the importance of equipment matching is far better than the quality of the individual equipment itself. If the cheap equipment is properly matched, its performance will outweigh the poorly equipped high-priced equipment. The principle of equipment matching is to find a balance point, just like the seesaw, find the balance point in the middle. For this reason, if the masculine equipment we are looking for a feminine match, let its personality sound very smooth. If we think that the equipment is too bright, we will find the warmth to match; if the speed is too slow, we will match it with the speed. In short, yin and yang reconciliation, rigid and soft, and finding a balanced voice is a big principle.

The power supply is clean, quiet and transparent, and it is in the jungle of the urban apartment. Our home is full of various electronic interference pollution. No matter from the power line (motor rotation, fluorescent light flashing), the air (radio frequency interference, electromagnetic interference) is not able to escape. In order to reduce these disturbances, we try our best to make electrical circuits with motors such as refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and washing machines not to be connected with the audio circuit. If you can pull the dedicated power supply, of course, it is better. If you can use the fluorescent lamp in the room, try not to use it. The dimmer will also generate noise. In addition, there are some props for anti-electromagnetic and radio frequency interference on the market, as well as various power filters and processors.

How do you tell if your power is clean? Very simple, the cleaner the power, the clearer the sound, the quieter, the more transparent, and the better the layering. However, one thing to pay special attention to is that the more people deal with the thinner the sound, the only thing left is the clear and dry midrange, the thin midrange and the lack of rich bass. This is not right. The correct sound should be sweet and high-pitched, the midrange is full and full, and the bass is full and flexible.

The connector is wiped clean and the wire ends are locked. The so-called connector is the connector for signal input and output. These joints are resistant to air attack after a long period of use and produce a layer of oxide on the surface. When there is a layer of oxide on the connector plug and the female plug, is it useful to buy the signal line? Do you want to use something to clean the connector? There are many kinds of small ones on the market that can be removed. You can ask at the audio store. I have a question.

If the joint is oxidized very much, you can go to the car material line to buy something similar to the clean aluminum 99. These frictional cleaning agents are very powerful, and the joint surface will be worn away by a thin layer to ensure cleanliness. However, it is important to note that you should never use this cleaner to wipe the panel or gold-plated knobs, which will make them ungilded.

Once you have cleaned the surface of the joint, you can buy a paper that contains a light oil. Wiping the surface of the joint with this type of wipe will keep them from oxidizing for about one month.

Then, what does it mean to lock the wire? The wire head refers to the speaker wire. If the speaker wire is not locked, the impedance change caused by it may have an adverse effect on the low frequency. In my experience, it is best not to use the terminal for the speaker cable, just lock the bare wire directly to the connector, which will get the best contact surface. If you must use the terminal, try to use a thin and soft pure copper Y-type plug, this terminal can be locked tightly. The thicker and harder the terminal contact is, the worse the contact effect is. If the output input terminal can be cleaned and the speaker cable is locked, it is as if the human blood channel is not obstructed, and the sound will be better.

Buy leather on the sofa, sit and sound and be durable. Whether you are buying a single seat or a double, triple or even a complete set of sofas, I suggest you buy a leather sofa. Why? Maybe everyone has a different opinion about whether to sit or not. However, the leather sofa is better than the cloth sofa and the wooden chair, which makes the sound better, especially the low frequency.

Why? I didn't use scientific methods to test it, but I think leather sofa is a good sound damping body, which can absorb moderately (volume, weight and hardness) and reflection (leather surface) sound waves, making the sound more Nice. In addition, if the leather sofa is properly maintained, it will take no more than five years. Moreover, the current import of leather sofas in Italy is not too expensive, not to mention a lot of Taiwan imitations.

Thin plates can not be nailed, hurting money and hurting the sound, the general family, in order to beautify the ceiling, or to make false wall false beams, how many or woodworking nail splints, or even the entire wall for the sake of beauty, is also the first plywood and then stickers wallpaper. Unfortunately, the splint has a fairly strong absorption effect on the intermediate frequency and the mid-low frequency. Therefore, if there are many splint nails, the intermediate frequency and the medium and low frequency will become thinner. Everyone knows that if the IF is thin, it is like a bad liver. It is a very serious problem. In terms of sound effects, the splint is sure to hurt and hurt.

If your ceiling must be beautified, then I suggest you make a small curved plate to beautify. Or, make a piece of independent long arc. Even a secondary residual diffuser can be installed on the ceiling. These measures are positive for the sound. Please note that if you have a lot of space, you can do the above on the ceiling of the listening area. If you are within five pings, you will have a few arcs that are already covered with ceilings. Some people may suspect that the curved plate is not made of a thin plate? Yes, it is bent into a thin plate, but its strength is very high. Moreover, there is no closed cavity inside, so the characteristics of sound absorption is far less than the normal pendulum of the diffused furniture. The diffusion absorption naturally comes when the average person arranges an audio room, the first thing that comes to mind is to be neat and simple. There are no furniture cabinets and other furniture in the room. As everyone knows, because there are few things that absorb sound in the room, the echo will be too much, the reverberation will be too long, and multiple low-frequency standing waves will occur. A space like this, beautiful is beautiful, but the sound must be empty and noisy, not durable.

My suggestion is that it is best to have a sound space with a general home environment, such as tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. These furniture will naturally absorb, reflect and spread the sound. If you are lucky, the sound will be very good without any effort. Luck is not good, let's do some equipment and adjustments that make the sound sound good.

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