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Chariot and Ford GoBike

In the area of ​​shared economy travel, besides Uber and Didi, it is undoubtedly to share bicycles to attract people's attention. In China, two startup companies have recently gained capital favor: Mobike bikes and ofo shared bicycles have received tens of millions of dollars in financing respectively. For a time, the outside world is full of imagination in this field.

However, when everyone is still discussing "whether or not we will miss the opportunity to share bicycles" and "how to effectively solve the last mile," on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, Ford, the old American automaker, took the lead.

This Saturday, Ford Motor announced that it had entered the private bus and shared bicycle areas: acquiring Chariot, a private bus service company in San Francisco, and developing the Ford GoBike bicycle sharing program in the Bay Area.

Mark Ford’s CEO Mark Fields said at the press conference that morning: “ Ford will no longer be just a car maker but a Mobility Company. We will concentrate on doing business in these two areas. ”

According to Ford’s plan, travel services in the San Francisco Bay Area include:

Acquired Chariot, a private bus service company in San Francisco, a mobile app launched by the start-up company to make it easier for people to choose their desired bus service location when they travel.

Working with the bicycle sharing company Motivate to establish the Ford GoBike program.

In 2018, Ford increased the number of shared bicycles in the Bay Area from the current 700 to 7,000.

Chariot's goal is to provide budget and transportation services to office workers for faster and more convenient transportation. Ford hopes that Chariot can compete with Uber, Lyft, etc. to fill the gaps in urban transportation. Currently Chariot has opened 28 routes in San Francisco and operates more than 100 buses. Ford plans to expand this business to five cities in the next year and a half.

The "Ford GoBike" service will be officially launched in 2017. Passengers can use the "FordPass" App to use the shared bicycle service. The Ford Pass app shows bike sharing points and the number of bikes that can be shared.

Ford GoBike plans to promote bicycle sharing services to multiple cities in the Bay Area for the first time. This bike sharing program will be managed by the Bay Area Transportation Commission and operated by Motivate. Motivate has bicycle sharing business in multiple cities across the United States, with New York City having the largest market share.

At present, the price for unrestricted use of public bicycles is $14.95 per month. In low-income areas, Motivate will offer a discounted price of $5 a month. According to the plan, Ford will increase the number of shared bicycles in the Bay Area from the current 700 to 7,000 in 2018. Among them, 1350 shared bicycles will be built in the eastern part of the Bay Area, and several bicycle sharing points will be built.

Jay Walder, president and CEO of Motivate, said that in 2015, New York residents shared 10 million bicycles through Motivate , and sharing bicycles has become part of New York City’s urban life.

Ford's experiment and investment in mobile solutions goes far beyond selling more cars. It is widely believed that Ford is exploring new ways of growth while at the same time relieving traffic congestion, reducing pollution, and trying to make driving more enjoyable. At a time when cities are increasingly crowded, Ford’s business opportunities brought by targeting travel services will affect the way people live in the future.

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