Ronda clarified that it will turn to a single rumor

LED Taiwan factory Longda Electronics (3698) received a full order, the market spread Ronda began to transfer orders to Hongqi (6168) foundry, and the parent company AUO intends to subscribe to Hongqi convertible corporate bonds.

Huang Qi, a spokesman for Hong Qi, said that he has not heard of it yet. AUO said that if it participates in the subscription, it will make a public announcement.

Ronda pointed out that the cooperation with Hongqi is mainly related to customer orders. Due to the packaging business of LED light strips, it is generally designated by the customer or the panel factory. This part of Ronda cannot decide, and the rumor should refer to this part. Cooperation.

Ronda said that at this stage, there are indeed plans to cooperate with other factories, and they are also in the process of evaluation. However, there is no specific target at present. In the future, Ronda’s package will have a certain proportion of outsourcing OEMs. It is also the main reason why Ronda is actively looking for partners.

Ronda further pointed out that Ronda's 2010 Q1 Lei chip outsourcing is 70%, and the ratio of Q2 Lei chip self-made and outsourcing accounts for about 50%. With the increase of MOCVD machine installed capacity, the future Ronda's LED chip has 3 Cheng is outsourced, 70% is self-made, and the outsourcing ratio of the package is about 20% to 25%.

The industry pointed out that Ronda operates in a one-stop manner, that is, from the upstream epitaxy to the downstream finished products. As the scale of Ronda expands, it is not impossible to release the packaged parts to other manufacturers for OEM production.