Rubber ** low open high disc stops falling red

Rubber futures opened lower and closed higher In the early morning of February 23, rubber futures opened lower and higher, and quickly rose during the session, ending its red turn. As of 11:10, rubber 1205 rose 0.05% to 29,185 yuan.

Soochow Futures issued a rubber futures daily report today, reporting that the current fundamentals slightly improved from the previous period, Japan Rubber Trade Association as of February 10th Japan's natural rubber stocks totaled 14011 tons, a decrease from the 14234 tons as of January 31 statistics , Qingdao Free Trade Zone, the total inventory fell below 240,000 tons, with the tire factory started to return to normal, there will be a certain decline in the early inventory, the latter part will be the process of inventory. In addition, because the depreciation of the yen affects the rubber rally, it is obviously stronger than Hujiao, and the deviating situation of Nippon Rubber and Hujiao further widens, which also has a certain pulling effect on Hujiao. During the cut, natural rubber spot prices are expected to remain strong.


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