Samsung 0.79CM LED 3D TV listed

Recently, Samsung C9000 series has been on the market, 55吋 quoted 59999 yuan, Samsung C9000 series is the flagship product released in April 2010, using edge side-emitting LED light source, equipped with regional drive control technology, in keeping extremely thin The thickness of the body also ensures the appearance of high-quality images. The thickness of the screen is only 0.79cm, which is almost the same as the diameter of an ordinary pencil. It is the thinnest large-screen LED LCD TV in the world. The C9000 series has a simple screen border, does not have too much decoration, supports SRS TheaterSound, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS 2.0 and other sound effects, and also receives Energy Star energy certification.

The base is square in design and connected to the screen through a circular metal post to support the horizontal rotation of the screen. The upper surface of the base is also made of silver metal wire with the same frame. The OSD button is a touch-type design that is located under the base. At the same time, the interface is designed on the side of the base. There is no need to add a media receiving box to transmit video and audio signals.

Its touch screen remote control looks like a mobile phone, with a 3-inch touch screen display, through Wi-Fi wireless technology, you can simultaneously watch TV programs on the touch screen. At the same time, the touch screen remote control uses a virtual menu to carry more content, and the user interface is more intuitive.

55C9000 is equipped with the highest-end technology of Samsung, black crystal panel, 200Hz double speed drive, 3D core image engine, 16 times CMR new core dynamic technology. In terms of 3D effect, the depth of field effect of the 55C9000 is very strong.