Samsung's suppliers rumored that the State Bank version of the Note 7 explosion has nothing to do with the battery

Recently, the Galaxy Note 7 has been exposed to explosions. Presumably the incident has become so well known. This has caused Samsung to be hit hard. The stock price has plummeted and the market value has shrunk by 10 billion US dollars in just over 10 days.

Earlier in announcing the recall of Note 7 around the world , Samsung stated that because of the different battery suppliers, Note 7 in China does not have an explosion hazard (using ATL's battery, not SDI), so it is not included in the scope of the recall.

However, yesterday, domestic users once again exposed the Bank of China version of Note 7 also showed an explosion. For a time, its main battery supplier ATL has become the target of public opinion in the future.

However, today ATL issued a statement saying that there is no direct connection between the explosion of Note 7. The ATL statement reads as follows:

In response to the Galaxy Note7 battery burning problem reported on Chinese electronic media on September 18, 2016, our company and Samsung Electronics conducted a preliminary study on the sample of the problem, and judged the burning of the sample and the relationship between the battery Wu Zhijie I produced. According to the traces of burning on the sample, we speculated that the heating element comes from outside the battery body, and there may be other external factors that cause heating problems.

Therefore, according to the ATL statement, the first explosion of the National Bank version of the Note 7 explosion was caused by an external cause and was not caused by battery quality problems.

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