Samsung LED and Sumitomo Chemical throw 500 billion won to produce LED sapphire substrate

[High-tech LED News] Samsung Sumitomo LED Materials, a joint venture between Samsung LED Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., has started construction of the factory in Daegu, 302 kilometers south of Seoul.

Samsung LED has announced that it will invest 500 billion won ($471 million) in key components for the production of LEDs with Sumitomo Chemical by 2015. The joint venture will provide stable sapphire substrates for Samsung LEDs, which are expected to be completed by the end of 2011, when more than 5 million sapphire silicon wafers will be produced.

It is reported that Sumitomo Chemical and Samsung LED's joint venture company in Korea is mainly responsible for the manufacturing, sales and R&D of LED sapphire substrates. The joint venture company will initially focus on LED sapphire substrates, and plans to become a general supplier of LED related materials.

The joint venture company has a capital of about 80 billion won, and Samsung LED and Sumitomo Chemical each hold 50% of the shares. It is estimated that it will invest 210 billion won in equipment investment. The monthly capacity forecast for the period from January to March 2012 will reach 120,000 pieces, and the 2012 revenue target will be 100 billion won.

Toggle Switches

Toggle switches,  also called On Off Toggle Switches, is often used as the switching device of the equipment stalls. Meanwhile, we are also offer our customers Key Switches ,  Metal Switches , Automotive Switches, Push Button Switches, etc.

The Electrical Toggle Switches is a manually controlled Toggle Switches similar to the dial switch. Most of this Latching Toggle Switches are widely used in on-off control of AC and DC power circuits, and are less commonly used in circuits of several kilohertz or up to 1 megahertz. Let's take a look at the following.

Toggle Switches

1. Splash-proof knob button switch

The panel is installed with a splash-proof `O` ring seal, and the knob is a ball. It is a splash-proof ball button knob switch. Its terminals are in a straight line and the bottom of the terminals is sealed with epoxy resin. Strong corrosion resistance, suitable for automotive parts

2. Vertical Mount Right Angle Toggle Switch

The vertical mounting of the terminals and the terminal pins are right-angled, so it is a vertically mounted right-angled toggle switch. Its contacts are gold-plated and highly reliable. Mostly used in anti-theft devices, alert system.

3. Bipolar single toggle switch

At the same time, the switch breaks the phase line and the N line and controls one branch. Therefore, it is a bipolar single toggle switches. The contacts are in 3PDT form and are used for multimedia speakers and stereos.

4. Standard surface mount unthreaded toggle switches

The terminal adopts the standard mounting mode. Its sleeve has no thread. It is called a standard surface mount screw-less switch. The contacts are SPDT and its electrical life is as high as 55,000. Used for medical equipment

5. Horizontally mounted right-angle toggle switch

Compared to the vertical switch, it only changes direction to horizontal, so it is horizontally mounted right-angle toggle switch. The contacts are double-pole double-throw and the bottom of the terminal is Epoxy Seal. Mostly used for computer peripherals.

Electrical Toggle Switches

Toggle Switches

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