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The annual shopping spree - "Double 11" has just ended, did you grab your favorite baby? If you don't have it, you don't have to "satisfy your breasts," and the "Double Twelve" has already entered the countdown. Xiao Bian specially collected five double-eleven-selling 55-inch smart TVs for everyone. I heard that these products "Double Twelve" did not lose the "double 11".

Those who missed the double eleven can never miss it.

Value smart TV 1: See still Super TV F55S (Click for details)

Looking at the still super TV F55S is still one of the main models to see still hit, has been an outstanding market performance since listing, in the just-concluded "double 11" promotion, see still super TV F55S whole network 55-inch smart TV selling TOP5.

On the screen, the Super TV F55S is even more outstanding than its peers. It uses RGB three-color 4K VA soft screen, resolution of 3840*2160, with a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, the picture is clear and delicate without any dead ends. Under the excellent screen, the still-Super TV F55S also uses more than ten core image quality optimization techniques, including advanced anti-aliasing, edge sharpening, local contrast enhancement, etc. .

In terms of hardware, still see super TV F55S 64-bit 4-core CPU with 4 core GPU, 2G high-speed memory, 8G high-speed memory, 6.5 milliseconds dynamic response, whether it is dynamic or static images, or gorgeous color screen, screen The details can be fully demonstrated, whether it is to watch high-definition video or play a large-scale game, can easily compete, enjoy the speed of smooth.

In terms of content resources, we still have the inherent advantages of relying on Super TV F55S. With CIBN Internet TV platform, we still build a platform-wide content system together with Youku Tudou, Sohu Video, PPTV, and other video content supply platforms. The daily update is more than 300 hours. Thousands of movies, television shows, and powerful variety shows are broadcast day and night, and sports events, Liveshows, and carousel channels are updated in real time to meet consumer demand in all aspects.

In addition, still see super energy TV F55S also uses USB3.0 interface, transmission bandwidth up to 5.0Gbps (625MB/s), copy a high-definition movie only 5 seconds; equipped with HDMI2.0 high-definition digital video transmission interface to ensure high-definition video transmission No distortion, able to achieve smooth playback; Support 2.4G/5G dual-double dual-antenna dual antenna design, is 2 times the normal wifi transmission rate, while the channel is more pure, small interference, effective guarantee the smooth video experience.

Premium Smart TV II: LeTV 4 X55 (Click for details)

LeTV 4 X55 adopts aviation-grade aluminum metal, which makes the 9.9mm ultra-thin body unimaginable and its thickness is only two-thirds of that of the previous generation 3 X55. The ultra-narrow metal frame adopts a stepped design to make it even thinner, and the drilling process is more quality. With RGB really 4K UHD large screen resolution of 3840*2160, about 8.29 million real pixels, even if delicate, such as skin texture can be clearly expressed. And with 178 ° wide viewing angle, regardless of sitting anywhere in the living room, you can enjoy the exquisite picture.

Super 4 X55 3GB DDR3 large memory guarantees high-speed transmission of computational data, avoiding the slow and unsuccessful image loading of ordinary TV UIs. With 32GB eMMC5.1 flash memory, allowing you to experience dozens of exciting games at the same time, you can also store high-definition movies and 4K images at the same time.

Value smart TV 3: Cool open KX55 (Click for details)

Cool open KX55 uses 55 inch 4K resolution screen, you can clearly see every detail on the screen, movie and TV drama color will be more vivid, clear and sharp text, no jagged sense; using 64-bit A53 processor, in addition, cool open The KX55 is equipped with a Mali-T720 GPU that supports H.265 10bit decoding. Compared with H.264, the KX55 has a 50% faster loading speed. Watching movies under the same broadband conditions will be smoother and clearer.

In terms of content resources, Kukai KX55 adopts Tencent video, and has a large amount of high-definition resources, especially single-play resources, such as Tencent video and the BBC's top-noted nature documentary "Earthquake II" and National Geographic 2500-hour documentary. , are scarce and excellent resources.

Premium Smart TV 4: Micro Whale W55J2 (Click for details)

The tiny whale W55J2 TV adopts an innovative design process. The thickness of the body is only 9.9mm, and the use of high-strength metal materials allows the body to remain strong and flat under such a thin and light condition. The base adopts a unique bridge design, which is more in line with the principle of ergonomics. The concise and elegant form contains rigorous mathematics logic, presenting a seamless visual effect.

In terms of picture quality, the wide color gamut technology is used, and up to 85% NTSC color gamut is used. Just like the use of more pure pigment, the thickness of the color is enhanced, and the TV's “palette” has richer colors. Let the colors appear more realistic and natural, and the picture presented on the 4K ultra-high-definition screen is more clear and vivid. With HDR technology, improve the contrast of the picture, and at the same time show clear details of shadows and highlight details, enhance the sense of picture layer, and bring a more realistic visual experience.

In terms of content resources, Microwhale TV relies on strong production examples of Chinese culture to integrate high-quality content resources at home and abroad, including large-scale cinemas of Tencent video, and strong media and variety entertainment of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV. Whether it is a variety show or a movie or TV series, Watching shows can be found on almost all micro-whale TVs. Tracing drama in front of the TV is also much more worry-free and can be seen everywhere.

Value smart TV 5: Millet L55M5-AA (Click for details)

Millet L55M5-AA equipped with a hard screen with a resolution of 4K, and support HDR, color gamut NTSC 85%, with Amlogic's fifth-generation image engine, built-in Amlogic T968 64-bit processor, 4-core A53 architecture, 2GB DDR3 RAM.

In terms of content resources, Xiaomi’s content platform currently owns the resources of Tencent Video, iQIYI, and Youku. At the same time, TV’s synchronized TV dramas, popular variety shows, movie theaters, animation and other high-definition video resources, and content are daily. Are increasing.

The above five value-added smart TVs are the "regrets" for the "Double Twelve" smart TV recommended by Xiao Bian. The five television products have their own merits in terms of performance, screen, and resources. Missing the double 11 partner, Double 12 will have to seize the opportunity to buy the 55-inch 4K large-screen smart TV at the end of this year's most "thick" time to bring home new experiences for the whole family.

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