Semiconductor lighting integrated standardization technology system

Semiconductor lighting integrated standardization technology system

In recent years, the semiconductor lighting industry has developed rapidly. Accelerate the construction of standard systems in the field of semiconductor lighting, and simultaneously develop upstream and downstream standards for the semiconductor lighting industry chain, which will facilitate the integration and mobilization of resources to form a concerted effort to effectively support semiconductor lighting technology development and industrial development. The implementation of a pilot project for the integrated standardization of semiconductor lighting is a beneficial exploration of the deep integration of informatization and industrialization and a new type of industrialization. It is one of the powerful measures for cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries. The "Semiconductor Lighting Comprehensive Standardization System" is of practical significance to effectively guide the development of semiconductor lighting standards, regulate market behavior, and promote industrial progress. With the continuous development of the industry, the standardized technology system will continue to be enriched and improved.

Comprehensive standardization refers to the use of systematic thinking methods and methods to achieve the goal of the overall optimization of the standardized object system, taking the technology and products of the industrial chain as the standardization object, and formulating and implementing the standards as a means by the field and system. Advanced standardization work methods.

The overall idea of ​​semiconductor lighting integrated standardization: to serve and support the development of semiconductor lighting industry as the goal, adhere to the "system management, key breakthroughs, overall improvement" principle, the method and method of innovation standards development, integration of resources, cooperation and division of labor, strengthen the top level of the standardization system Designing and improving the standard framework of semiconductor lighting, focusing on the formulation of devices, modules, light sources and lighting standards, and collaboratively formulating epitaxial growth, chip manufacturing, device packaging, raw materials, parts and components, lamps, accessory products, technical means, and production preparation. Test methods such as complete sets, system standards, strengthen the publicity of the standard, the development of the semiconductor lighting standards to regulate the development of the industry, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of China's semiconductor lighting industry.

Semiconductor lighting integrated standardization technology system is divided into "general standards" and "materials and equipment", "chips and devices", "lighting equipment and systems" 3 sub-systems, a total of four parts (see Annex 1). General standards include semiconductor lighting terms, which play a role in harmonizing the production, circulation, and standardization of products in the semiconductor lighting technology field. The three sub-systems are divided according to the industrial chain, and each sub-system is further subdivided according to the product type.

Our Battery Smart Monitoring system is direct integration of the battery restore solution into computer-based battery monitoring system which combines wireless communication with patented, field-proven battery monitor and analysis technology. It not only has the ability to restore battery, but also has the ability to monitor battery's State-Of- Health(SOH) in real time. It is much more intelligent than Smart Pulse Protector and Pulse Restore System because of it's battery remote management and maintenance function with wireless communication.  
It is comprised of 3 base hardware which consists of a monitoring host, several monitoring modules, and several data box modules. Plus 1 software operation system. The monitor parts connected wirelessly with batteries pack and reliably reports battery State-Of-Health(SOH) to the software platform.  
The battery monitoring system adopts a inspection module for each battery analysis and monitoring. Through the wireless communication technology, every single battery's SOH data collected by monitor is concentrated into the data box module. The data box module is used to collect the battery's voltage, temperature, internal resistance and current simultaneously. Then transmit all the data to the monitoring host which can do data displaying, analysis, storage, and alarming as soon as abnormal. Battery Monitoring System
Since the Monitoring system is integrated with Base Site Battery Protector System, The real-time improvement of the battery equalization and small pulse current desulfation, lead to the battery lifespan prolonged up to 2 times. Meanwhile, monitor battery's State-Of- Health(SOH) and State-Of-Charge (SOC) in real time to make sure keeping the back up power system always safe and uptime. 

Battery Smart Monitoring System

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