Shanghai Feile Audio issued an announcement stating the acquisition of suspect cloud

Shanghai Feile Audio Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company", "Fei Le Audio") noticed that "China Business News" was published on August 2, 2014, entitled "Fei Le Audio Acquisition Suspect Cloud: 90% of the target revenue comes from Collection of articles. The article published an analysis on the acquisition price of the company, the rapid growth of the target company's performance, and the relatively high accounts receivable.

The company now makes the following explanations for the content related to the above articles:

1, on sales growth faster problem <br> <br> to promote the implementation of the reorganization, Feile Audio-Visual independently hired an accounting firm with securities business qualified for Beijing Shen An investment group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the subject The company ") has audited the financial report of the last two years, and the employed accounting firm issued a standard unqualified audit report (including the subsidiary company of the target company), and considered that the financial statements of the target company are in accordance with the accounting standards for enterprises in all major aspects. The preparation of the rules reflects the financial status, operating results and cash flow of the target company during the reporting period. Different companies, even in the same industry, are affected by differences in their business content, business structure, business model, management characteristics, development background and development stage. The difference in development speed is a common phenomenon in the market economy. It is precisely because the target company is a growth enterprise with fast business development and business synergy with Feile Audio. Fei Le Audio decided to acquire the company.

2, on a higher proportion of problem receivables <br> <br> by the target company financial statements audited, as of the end of 2013, Beijing Shen An Group accounts receivable 36,984.75 million. Although with the rapid development of the business, the underlying company has increased the accounts receivable at the end of the year, but the account receivables with an age of less than 1 year accounted for 90.17%. There was no significant single amount and single provision during the reporting period. Accounts receivable for bad debts did not show clear signs of bad debt losses. Despite this, listed companies still make special risk warnings about the "risk of bad debt losses of the company's accounts receivable".

Asset evaluation agencies 3, on the issue <br> <br> Feile Audio-Visual purchase price of the acquisition target company's securities trading business reference price system certificate issued by, and subject to the right to state-owned assets supervision and administration departments for the record asset evaluation confirmed The evaluation results of the report are determined by the parties to the transaction. The transaction price did not exceed the evaluation result of the asset assessment report issued by the asset appraisal agency. Before the second board of directors confirmed the transaction price, the standard asset evaluation report has been approved by the Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission [microblogging] to hold an expert review meeting. Based on the analysis of the pricing basis of the underlying assets and the fairness and reasonableness of the indicators such as the P/E ratio and the P/B ratio calculated based on the asset evaluation results, the Restructuring Report has made an "Analysis of the pricing basis and fairness and rationality of the subject matter of this transaction in Section VIII". Detailed disclosure. It is worth noting that the target company uses the income method to determine the asset valuation value by estimating the expected future return of the asset and using the appropriate discount rate to convert it into the current value to determine the valuation method of the object. Relevant P/E ratios and other indicators are calculated based on the results of asset evaluation and used for comparative verification. Calculated according to the target company's transaction price and 2014 forecast net profit, the price-earnings ratio is 11.41 times, which is significantly lower than the industry average.

4. Regarding the realization of sales problems with "Reader Publishing Media Co., Ltd." From January to May 2014, the first major customer of Beijing Shenan Group was Reader Publishing Media Co., Ltd., achieving a business income of 111 million yuan. Beijing Shenan Group is the winning bidder for the "Clinical Civilization New Wind" outdoor display production and installation project undertaken by Reader Publishing Media Co., Ltd., providing LED display sales and installation engineering services for the company.

Product Description

SPD Surge Protective Device,Lightning Surge Protector
Surge Protection Device (SPD)

It is a device used to limiting instant surge voltage and discharge surge current, it at least including a non-linear component.
Surge protective Device Model Selection
With the impact of international information flow, the rapid development of microelectronic science and technology, communication, computer and automatic control technology, make the building start to go for high quality, high functional area, formed a new building style-intelligent building. As inside the intelligent building there are lot of information system, <<Building lightning protection design norm>> GB50057-94(2002 vision)(hereafter brief as <<lightning protection norm>>) put forward the relative requirement to install the surge protective device, to ensure the information system safely and stable running.
SPD essentially is a equipotential connection material, its model selection is according to the different lightning protection area, different lightning electromagnetic pulse critical and different equipotential connection position, decide which kind of SPD used in the area, to achieve the equipotential connection with the common earth electrode. Our statement will based on SPD's maximum discharge current Imax, continuous operating voltage Uc, protection voltage Up, alarm mode etc.
As per << Lightning Protection Norm>> item 6.4.4 stipulation "SPD must can withstand the expected lightning current flow and should confirm to the additional two requirements: the maximum clamp voltage during surge across, capable to extinguish the power frequency follow-on current after lightning current across."  That is the value of SPD's max. clamp voltage add its induction voltage of two ends should be same with the system's basic insulation level and the equipment allowed max. surge voltage. 
SPD for Power Supply System Series Selection Guide
The installation of SPD at each lightning protection zone, according to the standard of Low Voltage Electrical appearance, make classification of electrical equipment in accordance with the over voltage category, its insulation withstand impulse voltage level can determine the selection of SPD. According to the standard of low voltage electrical appearance, make classification of electrical equipment in accordance with the over voltage category as signal level, loading level, distribution and control level, power supply level. Its insulation withstand impulse voltage level are:1500V,2500V,4000V,6000V. As per to the protected equipment installation position different and the different lightning current of different lightning protection zone, to determine the installation position of SPD for power supply and the break-over capacity.
The installation distance between each level SPD should not more than 10m, the distance between SPD and protected equipment should as short as possible, not more than 10m. If due to limitation of installation position, can't guarantee the installation distance, then need to install decoupling component between each level SPD, make the after class SPD can be protected by the prior class SPD. In the low voltage power supply system, connecting an inductor can achieve the decoupling purpose. 
SPD for power supply system specification selection principle 
Max. continuous operating voltage: bigger than protected equipment, the system's max. continuous operating voltage. 
TT System: Uc≥1.55Uo (Uo is low voltage system to null line voltage)
TN System: Uc≥1.15Uo
IT System: Uc≥1.15Uo(Uo is low voltage system to line voltage)
Voltage Protection Level: less than the insulation withstand impulse voltage of protected equipment
Rated discharge current: determined as per to the lightning situation of the position installed and lightning protection zone.
SP1 Series
Normal Working Conditions
-Altitude not exceed 2000m
-Ambient air temperature:
Normal range: -5ºC~+40ºC
Extend range: -40ºC~+80ºC
-Relative Humidity: 30% - 90% under indoor temperature condition
- At the place without obviously shaking and shock vibration
- Non-explosion danger medium, non-corrosion gas and dust ( including conductive dust) 
-As per Nominal Discharge Current: 
- As per Maximum continuous operating voltage: 
- As per to poles
- As per auxiliary functions:
a. With remote signal output ( remote alarm function)
b. Without remote signal output
Selection Principle
- The continuous applied voltage on the two terminals of SPD should not more than the maximum continuous operating voltage Uc value;
- The voltage protection level Up of SPD should less than the maximum impulse withstand voltage of the protected equipment;
- As per to the different earthing system and protection mode to select the specification accordingly;

Product Features

1, built-in over-current overheating, temperature control circuit technology.

2, the module design, easy installation, online replacement.

3, low leakage current, fast response time, low residual voltage.

4, alarm indication device, green (normal) v red (fault).

Model/Technical Parameters WR-B60 WR-B80 WR-B100 WR-B120 WR-B150
Rated Operating Voltage Un (V ~) 220V 380V 220V 380V 220V 380V  220V 380V   220V 380V  
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage Uc (V ~) kV 385V 420V 385V 420V 385V 420V  385V 420V 385V 420V
Voltage Protection Level Up (V ~) kV ≤1.8≤2.2 ≤2.4≤2.5 ≤2.5≤3.2  â‰¤3.4≤3.7  ≤4.0≤4.5

 Maximum Discharge

Current Imax(8/μ20μs)kA

60 80 100 120 150

Nominal Discharge

 Current In(8/μ20μs)kA

30 40 60 80 100
Response Time <25 <100
L/N(mm²)The Cross Section Of L/N Line 16,25 16,25 16,25 16,25 25,35
 PE (mm²)The Cross Section Of PE Line 16,25  25,35  25,35  25,35 35
Fuse or Switch (A)  63A  63A  63A,100A 63A,100A 63A,125A
The Line Section of Communication and Alarm (mm²)                                   ≥ 1.5   



Relative humidity 25 ºC                                   ≤95%
installation Standard Rail35mm
Material of Outer Covering Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic

Surge Protection Device SPD

Surge Protector SPD,Surge Protection Device SPD

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