Shanghai Longmao develops electric solar dual-purpose dimmable controller

The vast majority of the projects in the Ten Cities are powered by utility power and are rarely powered by solar panels for a variety of reasons. Most of these street lamps are used to transform the original high-pressure sodium lamps into LED street lamps. The original utility power supply lines can still be used directly. This is one of the reasons. Second, the local sunshine may not be strong enough, all powered by solar energy, which cannot be guaranteed when there is too much rainy weather. Many of these converted lines are main roads, and night lighting must be guaranteed. I can't give up using solar energy, although it's a pity to do so. Because although LED street lights have advantages in terms of life and environmental protection, the current advantages in terms of power saving are not too great. If solar power can be used, it can save all the electricity bills, which is of great significance for energy saving and emission reduction to achieve the carbon economy of renewable energy.

Then, the solar power supply is usually the main source, and the rainy days use the backup mains power supply, which is a compromise solution. Because these power supply circuits are already in place, no additional laying is required. As long as you can automatically switch according to the situation. To this end, Longmao introduced the dual-purpose controller SLM4610. Its system block diagram is as follows:


The specific connection of the controller SLM4610 is shown below:


The SLM4610 controller usually uses solar panels to charge the battery, and discharges the battery to the LED street lights at night. It can also adjust the brightness of the LED according to the statistical value of the local traffic flow. Once the battery voltage is detected, the battery is not discharged enough. The discharge voltage is automatically switched to the mains, and a high-power switch-type regulated power supply is used instead of the battery to supply power to the dimmable constant current module.

This controller has all the functions of the solar LED street light controller (black light, program dimming, battery charge and discharge protection), and can automatically switch to the mains when the battery is low on rainy days. And after the battery is fully charged, it is restored to solar panel power. Currently such controllers have entered small batch production.