Signed for 2 years Philips Cheng Ju Wen official lighting partner

A few days ago, Juventus announced on the official website that Philips will become the official lighting partner of the club. The two parties signed a contract for 2 years and the contract will expire at the end of the 2016/2017 season. The contract includes a wealth of content, Philips will become a lighting equipment provider, and re-arrange the lighting system of the Juventus Arena, and will also provide lighting services for Juventus in other public relations occasions.

In the new season, the lighting system of Juventus Arena will be updated to use the ambient light on a large scale to bring a better visual experience to the stadium. It also increases the energy efficiency of the stadium lighting and ensures easy maintenance in the future.

Juventus, head of global development at Juventus, said: "The cooperation with Philips proves Juventus' ability to promote it internationally." Juventus, the head of Juventus Arena, said: "We are the first club in Italy to turn the stadium into such a scene. .

Philips Lighting Manager also said: "It is our pleasure to cooperate with Juventus. The Juventus Arena is one of the most modern stadiums. I hope that Philips' advanced lighting system will bring special scenery to the fans."

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