Silicon substrate LED technology research and development hard road real record

     In 2015, the first prize of the National Technology Invention Award was held on the "Silicon High-efficiency GAN-based Blue LED Project". A round silicon wafer with a palm of the hand immediately made China the third master of blue LED after the world. A country with independent intellectual property rights technology, the only country that realizes mass production of led chips on silicon substrates . "China Core", the people of the country are proud of it, and the world is shaken. Behind the awards is a group of young people who are brave in innovation. They are a beating heart of China and a "light dream" that has been in existence for 19 years.

A unique way to embark on the road to find the "Chinese core"

Everything has to start from a glowing dream.

The torch illuminates the germination of human civilization, the fluorescent lamp pushes the technology era forward, and the semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED) is the reform of the green lighting era. Led lights have obvious advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection, and countries have rushed to promote them. When the US and Japanese technology routes made breakthroughs, a young man in his early thirties began to yearn for China's luminous dream. He is the leader of LED technology for silicon substrate and Jiang Fengyi, vice president of Nanchang University. And this luminous dream, one is 19 years.

“When I was a graduate student at the Changchun Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, there was a luminous dream.” Jiang Fengyi said that at that time, he hoped to work on the research and development of luminescence technology and industry after his work. In 1996, in a small laboratory of 40 square meters in Nanchang University, Jiang Fengyi began to track the Japanese lighting technology to make China's LED.

“To do the real 'China Core'!” In 2003, Jiang Fengyi decided not to follow the shadow of foreign technology, but to find another way to find “China Core”, which is to “grow” high-efficiency GAN (GaN) with silicon substrate. The material thus prepares a blue LED. However, as soon as the news spread, the domestic and foreign industries almost immediately sentenced this route to "death penalty."

Jiang Fengyi said that silicon, as a substrate material, has the advantages of low cost, large size, and electrical conductivity compared with sapphire and silicon carbide. Currently, the price of a 6-inch sapphire substrate is about $240, and there is a lack of a 6-inch sapphire substrate on the market, while a 6-inch or even 8-inch silicon substrate is priced below $50. Although the cost of silicon substrates is low, problems such as epitaxial film cracking, poor crystal quality, and low opacity of the substrate due to large lattice mismatch and thermal mismatch between silicon and GAN have long been a problem. The academic world regards it as the "fairy tale" of LED. In short, there is a huge difference in performance between silicon and GAN. It is a worldwide problem to complement each other and there is almost no chance of success!

Facing the difficulties - each breaks the technical barrier

Go ahead to dangers! "So many large companies in foreign countries have not been able to make it. How can you rely on this small team?" "It's too difficult, don't waste energy, give up!" "Developed cities can't do it, Jiangxi is underdeveloped." Can the province make it?”...In the face of all kinds of criticisms in the academic world, Jiang Fengyi, 39, believes that it is the only way to scientifically explore the possibility of finding out the possibility and selecting commonality among the individuality. "In fact, when we started doing it, the IBM company in the United States did it 30 years ago, but they did not make it and gave up. It is in this context that we decided to find out our own world." Jiang Fengyi said.

In the face of risk, Jiang Fengyi and his research and development team have set a "small map" to make "China Core". If there are insufficient talents, they will invest more energy. He plunged into the lab with a cover and borrowed 600,000 yuan to purchase experimental equipment and materials, and began a difficult scientific research journey. Hungry, called the box lunch in the laboratory; tired, take a nap in the lab bed. For the sake of experimentation, members of the R&D team sometimes do not go out for a week. Long-term high-intensity work has caused Jiang Feng to suffer from severe lumbar disc herniation. He has to walk under less than 50 meters. However, the illness did not smother Jiang Fengyi, and he continued to fight after surgery.

On a winter day in December 2003, the silicon substrate LED in the laboratory emitted a glimmer of light. When others felt that it was not bright enough, Jiang Fengyi was very excited. The fire of the stars can poke the original, this glimmer of light ignited the dawn of the R & D team's hope. Hard work pays off, more than 5,000 experiments, day and night, in 2004, the R&D team finally took the lead in the world to overcome this world problem. "At that time, dozens of domestic and foreign companies were doing it. We were fortunate. From tracking to leapfrogging, we quickly broke through the key technologies inside and broke through the problems that people have not solved for more than 30 years." Professor Jiang Fengyi said. Since 2003, after more than a year of technical research, silicon substrate LEDs have made breakthroughs, and developed gallium nitride-based LED materials and device technologies on silicon substrates.

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