Skyworth Catches Overseas Markets and Meets OLEDs

Skyworth has continuously acquired overseas factories since last year. On May 24th this year, the Indonesian Toshiba TJP plant acquired by Skyworth was unveiled, which means that overseas will become the main battlefield of Skyworth.

At the same time, in China, Skyworth has led the OLED wave. As the next generation of display technology advocates, has introduced new products, OLED is the development direction of the color TV industry has become the consensus of the entire color TV industry, and Skyworth has become a leader.

Unveiled Southeast Asia Manufacturing Base and Expected Future Consumption Potential

In recent years, Southeast Asia has become a "New World Factory" statement. It is more predictable that Southeast Asia's "sleeping giant" will begin to regain its amazing consumer potential in the next five to ten years.

Domestic industries see Southeast Asia as a potential big market, and home appliance manufacturing giants have gradually expanded to Southeast Asian countries. On May 24th, Skyworth Southeast Asia Manufacturing Base was officially unveiled. Skyworth founder Huang Hongsheng stated that Skyworth will adopt four major directions for the future planning of the Southeast Asian market: First, it will use Indonesia as the stronghold to radiate the entire Southeast Asian market and unify the supply chain; In terms of business strategy, products are transformed from low-end to mid-to-high end; thirdly, try to operate “Toshiba” and “Chuangwei” dual-brand operations; and fourth, try online operations to expand market share.

The contrast between the overcapacity in China's home appliance market and the slowdown in the growth of domestic demand is that the popularity of home appliances in many Southeast Asian countries (except Singapore) is low. At present, the color TV market in Southeast Asia is growing rapidly. Sun Weizhong, general manager of Skyworth's overseas regional marketing headquarters, said that the 10 ASEAN countries together add up to about 10 billion people, equivalent to 45% of the Chinese market capacity. If the Southeast Asian market is well-established, It is equal to doing a half of the Chinese market, and Southeast Asia is not only close to China, but also the consumption habits are close to China. It is a seaport for Skyworth to go overseas.

In the Southeast Asia region, Skyworth already has a comprehensive strategic market layout, such as the Indonesian branch office, the Vietnam branch office, the Thai branch office, and the Philippines branch office. These branch offices have developed rapidly in just a few years and have achieved remarkable results. The Skyworth Southeast Asia manufacturing base settled in Indonesia and became one of the important supply chain hubs in Skyworth's overseas markets. It is understood that Skyworth's Indonesian manufacturing base is Skyworth’s first truly independent overseas plant. The formal unveiling of the base started. The creation of Skyworth's strong layout for the Southeast Asian market further predicts that Skyworth will take a new step on overseas internationalization.

Deeply cultivating OLED technology is the development path

Unlike traditional LCD LCD TVs, OLED organic TVs do not require a backlight source, and each pixel can emit light independently. Therefore, OLED organic television can present the purest black, very dazzling colors, and a variety of physical forms to thin designs.

In addition, OLED organic TVs have unlimited contrast due to their black control, making them the most suitable HDR display technology.

Lu Jiebo, deputy secretary-general of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, pointed out that in addition to the perfect picture quality, OLED can also be bent, folded, transparent, thin and light, and other forms of design, breaking all the limitations of the form to meet Arbitrarily showing demand, the prospects for development are promising. OLED will occupy the top spot in the high-end display field in the future.

As early as August 16, 2015, Skyworth Group has officially announced the world's first mass production of 4K OLED TVs, which means that Skyworth Group already has very mature OLED scale production capabilities. With a large number of manufacturers joining the OLED camp, the price barriers of OLED are gradually being eliminated, and product advantages are being recognized and accepted by more and more consumers.

Mr. Yang Dongwen, president of Skyworth Group, said in an interview with the news network: “Since 2012, we are still maintaining a double-digit growth in output value every year, and profits have also kept a simultaneous double-digit growth.” Continuation of output value and profit The growth comes from the trust of consumers, and the trust of consumers is inseparable from the excellent picture quality and excellent quality of Skyworth products.

Equipped with several cutting-edge technologies to create S9-1

On April 14, a new product launch called "Conquest and Color" sparked a whirlwind of black technology in Beijing. Skyworth OLED organic TV new S9-1 products in the long-awaited, and finally unveiled mystery. Liu Weizhi, president of Skyworth Group's color TV business division, said that the sales target for Skyworth OLED TV in 2016 is 200,000 units.

Skyworth released the latest OLED product, the S9-1, to allow OLEDs to become a reality for more families. It means that the color TV industry has entered the OLED era, and 2016 may become the OLED year. It is understood that the S9-1 is equipped with the high-end HDR technology developed by Skyworth and LG Display - 4-color HDR. It adds HDR algorithm for 4 color 4K screens on the basis of ordinary HDR, thus surpassing ordinary HDR.

Through Realtek HDR chip can losslessly decode HDR signal, and in the unique 4-color screen control chip and 4-color display with the intelligent brightening of the screen, which greatly enhance the dynamic range of the picture, and ultimately lossless display HDR content Even when non-HDR signals are input, the 4-color HDR algorithm of the 4-color screen control chip can be used to intelligently convert common SDR signals into HDR effects, and the OLED and HDR technologies are perfectly integrated.

In addition, the S9-1 incorporates the RTD2999 chip, which not only decodes normal "HDR 10" chip sources, but also decodes HDR chip sources of Dolby Visio with higher specifications. The combination of the two main functions of the color gamut brings an amazing image, with brighter highlights, greater contrast between dark and bright, and colors never seen on TV, compared to ordinary images. A true viewing experience.

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