Smart air purifiers are not "smart", but become a chicken rib?

The fog is coming, the air purifier is on fire. With the popularity of smart phones, whether it is a traditional big brand or a start-up company, many manufacturers are "smart" with the word "smart" in front of the air purifier, which seems to become If you are not smart, you are embarrassed to clean up the air.

Connecting WiFi, APP remote control, automatic detection system, automatic start system, purifiers all show their magic in the concept of intelligence, and the reason that a certain air purifier is known for intelligence is only that it can automatically shut down after eight hours of operation.

So far, there is no mainstream smart air purifier product that really swept the mass market. Many companies hope to rely on an air purifier to seize the "smart" gimmick. It is understandable to get more user attention, but how to make it more convenient for users. It is the ultimate goal of smart products, otherwise it is very likely that "the addict will die."

Smart air purifier

Is WiFi connected smart?

"The old product is equipped with a WiFi module, and then you can make a mobile phone APP yourself. You can start to call yourself a smart one when you can achieve remote control." An industry insider commented on the smart air purifier currently on the market.

Indeed, most of today's smart air purifiers do their own apps, and users can remotely control the air purifier through the mobile app. The air purifier with a slightly higher style will also enable your product to test various indicators such as PM2.5 in the air and feed it back to your mobile phone.

In the eyes of many people, these are not smart. Sun Peng, who lives in Chaoyang District, Beijing, spent thousands of dollars to buy a smart air purifier home last month. Many colleagues felt very good on the day of arrival. He returned home. I also played with it for an hour. In a week, he goes home every day to look at the air quality value at home, and if the value is high, turn on the purifier.

"It is smart, it is the same thing, I will be fresh for a few days. Now when I go home, the weather will not open (purifier), if there is fog, it will open, and I will rarely see the value." Sun Peng said As a smart device enthusiast, push too many things on your mobile phone every day, you can't see it, let alone look at the air quality. The remote control, in his opinion, is even more tasteless, and basically has not been used.

Sun Peng recently stared at a new smart air purifier, ready to buy it for his father-in-law, "I heard that this machine can automatically identify the air quality and automatically boot, this may be a bit smarter."

In Encyclopedia, the definition of intelligence is as follows. The result of wisdom produces behavior and language, and the process of expressing behavior and language is called "ability". The two are collectively called "intelligence." As a smart device, if you don't have autonomous behavior and cannot pass information on its own, it is not really a "smart device."

Should the HEPA network be deprecated?

PM2.5 is the biggest murderer of air pollution, and the core function of the purifier is to filter PM2.5. Currently, the most used air purifier industry is HEPA (High Efficiency Air Filter) and electrostatic adsorption to filter PM2.5 in the air. The purifier of the HEPA filter is relatively low in price, and requires frequent replacement by the user, which is relatively troublesome. Electrostatic adsorption purifiers are more expensive, but do not require a filter to be replaced.

It is understood that most of the manufacturers on the market, most of their smart air filter devices still use HEPA filter devices, and advertise their products are international advanced level or the latest technology products in the 21st century, or imported goods. In fact, the HEPA standard originated in the United States in 1945. China introduced HEPA technology in the 1960s, which is not high technology.

In the eyes of the industry, no matter how the manufacturers make a big fuss about the hardware, the core components of the air purifier are mainly composed of four parts - one is the plastic part (ie the outer casing), the other is the filter net, and the third is the motor. The fourth is the electronic control part. The standard price of the HEPA network industry is basically around 100 yuan. The motor part is relatively simpler, so some simple HEPA purifiers are relatively inexpensive, only a few hundred dollars.

As a smart air purifier, it costs more than one thousand yuan to five or six thousand yuan, but a large number of smart air purifiers use HEPA filter devices. Take TCL and 360, the intelligent air purifier T3 air guard, for example, the price is about 1,800 yuan, the filter device is removed, and the smart added value such as Wifi connection and APP remote control is not high.

In recent years, electrostatic adsorption technology has been able to achieve no release of ozone, which will not affect people's health. At the same time, however, the price of the purifier using electrostatic adsorption filtration is relatively high. For example, the intelligent air purifier of Germany Dream Maker adopts electrostatic adsorption technology, and the price is about 6,000 yuan.

Compared with ordinary air purifiers, the intelligent version of the people facing the population should have higher requirements for the quality of life, and the price of a large number of intelligent air purifiers is not low, and it is about 2000, and the use of HEPA net to filter PM2.5 seems to be a bit "price drop." ".

Simplify rather than complicate

Yesterday, the reporter experienced Dream Maker from Germany. Although it can provide a variety of filtering methods and specific pollution values ​​in the air, a large number of control buttons and numerical displays are stacked on a small screen, which is complicated to compare one person. It is difficult to immediately understand how it operates.

At present, smart air purifiers seem to go to an extreme. Whether it is remote control or numerical push, most of the products have more and more functions, and it is difficult for our parents to master this popular household appliance.

Liu Rui, the founder of Langkong Technology, which specializes in air purification, understands that intelligent air purifiers are based on the use, display and interaction of the first device, rather than mechanical and digital. The second is to have the automatic self-awareness of the environment, the ability of independent automatic learning, and self-automatic purification, just like the extension of human organs.

Google's acquisition of Nest by billion dollars prompted a large number of smart appliances entrepreneurial booms including smart air purifiers, but Nest's most sophisticated product "thermostats" is rarely tried by domestic manufacturers.

Thermostats, smoke alarms, air fruit, air conditioners, and air purifiers should all be part of the indoor air system. If you can integrate multiple smart devices into a system such as Nest, you can control more homes through one app. The electric appliance also realizes the simplification of a single product.

Nest recently launched a developer program and released an API (Application Programming Interface), hoping to attract more developers to develop software related to thermostats and smokers to build their own ecosystem. The domestic Haier smart homes are gradually forming, and the ecosystems available to the intelligent air purifier team are also increasing. It takes more time to find a reliable ecosystem or become a new outlet for smart air purifiers.

Intelligence that is not intended for user experience is a hooligan.

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