Smart grid has great potential

The National Development and Reform Commission recently announced the “Responsibility Assessment Plan for Power Demand Side Management of Power Grid Companies (Trial)”, which requires power grid companies to give full play to their advantages, conduct extensive and in-depth power demand side management, and complete the power consumption saving indicators, and power demand side management. Work performance was incorporated into the grid company's annual assessment indicators.

The savings of power grid enterprises include the power grid companies themselves, their own energy-saving service companies implementing social projects, purchasing social services, and promoting the power savings that society saves on electricity. The increase in transmission and distribution tariffs in the event of a good grid profitability may mean that the grid will increase its investment next year. The main way for energy saving in power transmission and transformation systems is to reduce line losses, and to reduce line losses can be achieved in several ways: 1) step-up transformation of the power network; 2) replacement of conductor sections with rough sections; 3) replacement of high-loss transformers; 4) increase Reactive power compensation; 5) Reduce the corona of high-voltage overhead AC transmission lines. From the actual situation of the grid network in the Mainland, there is room for improvement in these five areas. Among them, the distribution network has the greatest potential for energy saving, and energy-saving transformers will benefit first.

There are a large number of high-energy-consuming S7 and S9 type silicon steel transformers in the distribution network in the Mainland. It is known from the industry that the State Grid and China Southern Power Grid have quietly arranged transformer replacement projects. Among them, China Southern Power Grid mainly promotes S13 type steel transformers, while the State Grid The main transformer amorphous alloy.

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