"Smart Home" is a pseudo concept

"Smart Home" is a pseudo concept

At the recent GigaOM Roadmap Conference, Tony Fadell and GigaOM founder OM Malik talked about the story before and after Google's acquisition and the company's changes in the 10 months after the acquisition. At the same time, he also talked about his views on current smart home and smart hardware entrepreneurship.

Tony said that in August of last year, they formally started negotiations with Google and the acquisition was officially completed in February this year. During these six months, it wasn’t the amount of acquisition that Tony and Google’s top executives talked about. It was how the company’s culture was integrated and how Google’s huge resources were used.

To talk about changes in Nest after the acquisition, Tony mentioned three aspects. First, there is more budget for marketing. Nest begins to have money for large-scale TV commercials. If Nest is still an independent company, it will not There are so many market budgets; second is that Nest can coordinate more resources, for example, they just had a whole office building of their own; and thirdly, Nest bought several companies such as Dropcam with Google support.

Nest and Google's Cultural Fusion: Data Driven and Intuitive Drives

The above changes are all due to the fact that Nest is more expensive after the acquisition. But Tony is more concerned with maintaining the company's culture. Tony came to Silicon Valley in 1991 and was at General Magic. The company’s culture has had a profound impact on Tony so far. He said that one of the things that culture can keep going is that products and companies will change, but culture can always exist.

For example, Tony said that the products that entrepreneurs build now may not be worth mentioning after five years. Tony once made an iPod at Apple, but Apple announced that the iPod Classic was discontinued earlier this year. He was not sorry for that, because the iPod has already seen a new generation of iPhones.

However, the preservation of culture does not mean that culture will remain unchanged. Nest acquired several companies. The culture of these companies will be integrated with Nest's culture. Both parties need to be properly adapted and adapted. At the same time, after joining Google, Nest's corporate culture and Google's corporate culture will also collide and merge.

One of the biggest things to say about the impact of culture is that Google is a data-driven company and all decisions are very rational; while Nest pays more attention to design, the company has many emotional places. Fortunately, after joining Google, Nest can keep his own way, and Google CEO Larry Page fully understands them. Tony believes that relying solely on data can make people lose their intuition. This intuition is very much related to how users feel about using products.

However, relying on intuitive decisions does not mean completely abandoning data. Tony proposed a word: knowledge of intuition, that is to say, before the decision has been made to understand the data, but also need to find the data to support the decision after making a decision. But always, personal intuition is the dominant, rather than completely starting from the data, endless AB testing.

In addition to cultural collisions, Nest and Google also have a fusion. For example, in the company's assessment system, Nest used Google's OKR assessment system. OKR (Objective and Key Results) requires employees to write goals and key results for the next quarter, and everything that is not written into the indicator can be rejected. Tony said this can help employees learn to say "no".

"Smart Home" was abused

In addition to proposing "intuition of knowledge," Tony also mentioned "Knowing Home," instead of "Smart Home." He believes that the term "smart home" has been overused, and that "smart" gives people a feeling of being smarter than humans, but their implementation is far from being done on these hardware. "Knowing home" means that home hardware devices and people can interact with each other.

Tony believes that many smart hardware products today are smart and intelligent, or networked for networking, but they are actually unnecessary. The most important thing is to do a product that can solve the problem, and this product must be acceptable to consumers.

At the time of General Magic, Tony had done “iPhone 20 years ago” to receive e-mails, download apps, etc., but because they were too advanced and too advanced, it took them 4 hours to tell the consumer about the product. What is the use. At that time, the functions were relatively simple. The Palm Pilot, which featured the mobile address book, was a success.

This is actually a matter of timing. Tony believes that the most timely product should be a product that can solve the next core issue, and then it can evolve on this product. For example, the iPad did not suddenly appear. Before the iPad, many companies tried flat products but all failed. The success of the iPad has a lot to do with the iPod and iPhone bedding.

Tony may be cautiously optimistic about the era of smart watches that may soon begin. He believes that the biggest challenge for smart watch products is battery technology. With power guarantee, smart watches can provide more information for people and thus play a greater role. He mentioned that at the beginning of the invention of the watch, people also needed to keep up the clockwork. This seems really an interesting coincidence.

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