"Sound and shadow" playthings Philips PPx4935 micro investment new experience!

The micro-investment market has also been used for four or five years. From the initial production of Internet companies that did not suffer from any changes, to the product lines actively deployed by major projector manufacturers today, the vitality of micro-projections has been recognized by the market. However, this hardware + software product model, really like publicity, to replace the TV as the protagonist of the living room it is generally believed that the biggest problem with micro-projection is the brightness, you must be in a dark environment to reach the comfort effect, followed by In the case of large-scale projection, the resolution cannot reach the television level and the widespread "virtual focus" problem. Another point is that micro-investment is only so popular in the domestic market, and it is also related to content and intellectual property to a large extent.

However, micro-investment is indeed very hot, many users choose micro-projection, value is portability, can be used in business trips, living rooms, conference rooms and other different environments. Today introduced a micro-projection to take away - Philips PPx4935, new products inherited PicoPix series of thin, practical and entertaining features, to provide users with a free and easy projection experience, then we will introduce What's fun with this product!

The appearance of Philips PPx4935

The first impression of the Philips PPx4935 is that it is small and has a size of slap on the hand, and it weighs only 351g. If you leave for travel, you will lose your backpack.

Philips PPx4935 packaging diagram

Open the packaging, the main internal host, packaging bags and data lines, charging lines and other common accessories, also comes with a remote control random, the button's feel is also good.

Philips PP4935 material is environmental engineering plastic, slightly frosted texture, pure black tone with front silver panel, feel a little more business taste, if you carry out as you can still do more lively.

Built in front of a fixed-focus lens, using LED new light source, brightness 350 lumens, a resolution of 1280x720, the largest projected area of ​​150-inch large screen; built-in is a 3W audio, sound quality is generally better than to save the purchase of additional equipment.

Left focus ring

Power switch and status indicator light

Power switch, status indicator, micro SD card slot

The left side of the Philips PP4935 is a focus ring. Although it can be moved with one hand, it is not very smooth. The right side is mainly the power switch, status indicator, micro SD card slot.

Touch panel

With hanging hole on the back

The Philips PP4935 operator panel consists of a touch area and three virtual buttons. This touchpad comes with a matte texture. The operation is the same as an ordinary Android phone, which means that the size of the touchpad is not large enough. On the back is a hanging hole, support for rear projection, hanging vote a variety of installation methods, the bottom there is a circle of colloidal rings, play a non-slip effect.

Philips PP4935 interface

In terms of interface, Philips PP4935 with USB interface, HDMI interface, Mini HDMI high-definition input interface, headphone jack and power connector, while a side of a Micro SD card slot, no traditional business projector VGA, DVI interface, but the device is built-in Bluetooth, you can wirelessly connect Bluetooth audio to do the putting.

In terms of heat dissipation, Philips PP4935 front with 2 small fans, three sides of the fuselage metal mesh heat dissipation design, this can produce a good cycle of cooling channels, take away the heat generated by the operation of the device, combined with the LED itself does not heat High, so the machine will not be hot for a long time.

Philips PPX4935 built-in Android system, can be through wifi, VPN, mobile network and Bluetooth and other connections, generally through WIFI connection can access the network.

Color adjustment


Philips PPX4935 in the installation process with the traditional projector is basically the same, for example, to provide trapezoidal correction, can be adapted to more places; if the projection is not a curtain, then can also match the color through the wall function; speaking of color Function, Philips PPX4935 can fine-tune the brightness, contrast, saturation, as well as the use of Crystal Image image processing algorithm technology, will optimize the projection effect.

Network settings

Folder contents


The interface is mainly divided into several parts such as HDMI, media folder, screen projection, browser, APP application and setting, and it needs to set the wireless network and projection method when installing for the first time. Among them, HDMI is mainly connected to peripheral products such as computers and Xbox. The contents of the micro SD card slot for media folders are mainly projected on the screen by wireless connection, and the browser can be browsed by the web. APP has built-in applications such as iQiyi and WPS office software. The settings cover the main functions from function to color.

The entire system is developed, and users install the third-party APP application exactly as the mobile phone is installed.

In addition to the traditional connection method, Philips PPX4935 also supports wireless connection can be displayed with the screen, Android system devices through Wifi-display, IOS devices, mobile phones, computers are achieved through EZCast Screen software synchronization, synchronized content can include video, pictures, etc. The premise is that both devices must be on the same LAN.

The first is to run the downloaded EZCast software. The software will search for devices within the LAN to achieve automatic matching.

After the pairing is successful, the interface is supported to display multiple formats such as pictures, videos, and music synchronously. However, products in the current market are configured with this function and can generally be used as a multi-terminal projection display for the conference, and the APP connection is relatively cumbersome.

So Philips PPX4935 in the IOS system can also be mirrored with Airplay binding, so that the follow-up projection does not need to open the APP, directly through Airplay wireless synchronization projection, it seems to think of humanity.

Philips PPX4935 has 350 lumens brightness, 1280x720 resolution, the largest projected area of ​​150-inch large screen, then the actual projection effect?

From the projection effect point of view, Philips PPX4935 itself for static pictures, color blocks, line effects are still very good, but in the video projection of these dynamic images, the quality is obviously a gap, coupled with its use in a darker environment, For everyday use, the environmental requirements are still relatively high. However, the Philips PPX4935 still has the following advantages as a whole:

1. Compact and handheld micro projectors can be carried at any time
2, comes with Bluetooth, wireless and other connection methods built-in speakers are also more economical
3, touchpad and virtual button design, the overall operation is relatively smooth, the remote control board is too small slightly
4, built-in 7.4V/2000mAh lithium polymer battery, fully charged just 3 hours
5, finally support multi-platform wireless synchronization projection, convenient multi-terminal display in the conference environment

Finally, why do you want to buy micro-projections? In fact, the interface and function of micro-projection are similar to those of mobile phones. They are both an Android system. The micro-investment as a plaything is the first motivation to buy, because she is not only a small projector, but a digital product that integrates multiple functions, either as a speaker, or as a display, or as a video player. , even office software ... If you travel, bring the Philips PPX4935 itself is full of fun.

However, although there are many functions, the color can not be 1080P, no 3D, can not achieve real high-definition projection in high-definition; On the brightness of current business projectors generally in more than 3,000 lumens, so that there is a highlight projection during daylight conference , so micro-projection can never be replaced.

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