Speak about the "right to wrong" of the display screen.

It must be said that with the continuous development of science and technology, the display screen is also getting more and more colorful and playing. So today we'll come and check it out again! What do you know about the screens?

The display's "vertical"

As we all know, at the 2013 Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show, on the formal surface of curved television, at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, brands such as Samsung, LG, Changhong, TCL, and Konka exhibited their own curved surfaces, and they were successively mass-marketed. By 2015, curved TVs were even more popular.

The curved television display is in a curved state, which can provide the viewer with a wider viewing angle and a broader panoramic image effect, and can also reduce the distortion of the screen display when viewed from a close distance. Personally I think it is still quite interesting, a bit like a ring movie.

"Curved TVs are naturally born with the advantages of good image quality and good visual experience. The high selling price determines that it will not be able to enter the popularization stage in the next two or three years." Home appliance industry observer Liang Zhenpeng once said that OLED curved TV is more like Is a "sample" in the "laboratory", the 50-inch large-screen OLED panel technology is not yet mature, short life, low yield, even less than 10%. "Only one piece of 10 OLED panels can be used. The losses of the other 9 pieces will be shared among the production costs. It will be difficult for manufacturers to find ways to significantly reduce costs in the next two years. Surface TVs will hardly become mainstream in the market."

The "odd shape" of the display

In the impression, as if the shape of the display had been fixed, it was a rectangle, but since Sharp introduced the "freeform display", everyone was shocked by this whimsical idea.

The reason why traditional displays are designed to be rectangular is that the minimum required width must be achieved in order to install the necessary driver circuit display screen borders. In the Free-Form technology display, the gate driver is responsible for dispersing the pixels in the screen area so that the width of the display frame can be minimized, so that the display frame can be designed in various shapes.

Sharp believes that this technology will play a huge role in the automotive industry and wearable devices and digital signage, and currently the display screen with this technology already has a prototype product, and Sharp plans to begin mass production of this technology “as early as possible”. The display.

The "thickness" of the display

At present, on the color TV market, the display screen has become thinner and thinner. LeTV has even released a TV with a thickness of only 3.9 millimeters on this year's CEs, once again raising the TV thickness to a new level.

However, the biggest problem in reducing thickness is the yield. One person in the industry pointed out that defective panels can be repaired with lasers, but thinning glass substrates may cause panels to crack during the manufacturing process. If the glass breaks, the entire panel must be discarded, which can seriously affect the yield.

Written in the final: In the current fierce competition in color TV market, color TV manufacturers must be recognized by consumers with the most attractive products, while on the screen is more easily accepted, such as curved screen, the color TV market price Almost doubled.

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