ST creates a smart life and launches a number of solutions that enhance the quality of life

· Complete development ecosystem, including development tools and software, to simplify IoT application development

· Achieve a greener, safer and more comfortable car driving experience

· Improve energy efficiency, automation and control levels in homes, factories and buildings

· Accelerate the city's intelligent and networked development; improve traffic efficiency and resource control, strengthen environmental management, and improve safety

· Home gateway system that enables home gateways to manage multiple clients

China, December 19, 2014 - STMicroelectronics (ST; New York Stock Exchange: STM) is committed to development across multiple electronic applications, the world's leading semiconductor supplier, and Europe's largest semiconductor supplier STMicroelectronics (ST) Smart life, launch a variety of solutions that can enhance and enrich people's quality of life. STMicroelectronics aims to promote microelectronics in innovative and cost-effective ways to solve major social problems while at the same time bringing people a higher quality of life.

Complete development ecosystem

The STM32 Open Development Environment is an open, flexible, easy, and cost-effective development solution; users can innovate applications on the STM32 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M microcontroller, quickly develop prototypes and turn them into final design. The development ecosystem includes the modular STM32 Nucleo development board, the free STM32Cube development tools and software components, the STM32 Nucleo expansion board and the STM32CubeMX graphical configurator, where the STM32 Nucleo expansion board adds sensing, communication, power and Features such as analog signals; the STM32CubeMX is a PC software that quickly configures the STM32 microcontroller to meet the requirements of the target application.

The Open.MEMS development ecosystem can also accelerate the development of design, especially for wearable devices and IoT innovation companies. This system provides a quick and easy single-node application evaluation license to shorten the product development cycle. Allow Open.MEMS licensed users to use drivers, middleware and applications for free. Beginning with the popular data fusion of 3-axis accelerometers, 3-axis gyroscopes and 3-axis magnetometers for portable products and wearable devices, the MEMS actuators and sensors from STMicroelectronics will be widely used in the market.

smart car

As the world's largest supplier of automotive semiconductors, ST's new generation of car radios and display audio processors have a high level of hardware and software integration, with features including media decoding, audio routing, sound processing and analog audio input and output, and independent security. Controller Area Network (CAN, Controller Area Network) Microcontroller Subsystem. STMicroelectronics' car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication (connecTIvity) solutions will also accelerate the development of the smart car industry. The Internet of Vehicles provides important driving safety information (vehicle distance monitoring, passing obstacles and changing lane monitoring) and convenience information (inquiries for road and bridge toll stations, proximity to traffic lights and overpasses). Previously announced the development of a vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X, Vehicle-to-vehicle and Vehicle-to-infrastructure) chipset for the mass market with Autotalks, planned for large-scale deployment by 2017 . STMicroelectronics also offers satellite positioning solutions and innovative automotive lighting solutions.


As the second largest semiconductor company in the industrial market and the world's leading supplier of motor control ICs, STMicroelectronics is committed to developing industrial automation and motor control solutions that enable plants, buildings and their internal machine tools and appliances to achieve greater energy efficiency. And the degree of automation. The broad product portfolio includes advanced power conversion solutions, intelligent digital input/outputs, motion control solutions, STM8 and STM32 microcontrollers, various motion sensors, audio sensors, environmental sensors, smart meters, LED driver and communication interface products including power-line communication. STMicroelectronics will also introduce a range of industry-unique, highly integrated motor control ICs that combine power, protection, precision and intelligence for superior motion resolution, power raTIng and Thermal performance.

Smart City

ST's well-designed product portfolio solutions enhance the city's intelligence and networking. ST's smart streetlight solution illustrates how it can help cities save on municipal spending and protect citizens' safety. This intelligent streetlight solution uses ST's exclusive, award-winning STLUX universal digital lighting controller and power converter, sub-GHz SPIRIT1 RF transceiver, embedded camera and MEMS microphone.

Home gateway

By introducing the excellent Cannes/STIH3 and Monaco/STiH4 SoCs (SoCs, Systems on Chips), STMicroelectronics is paving the way for large-scale applications of HEVC solutions; UHDp60-enabled "4K" set-top boxes boost users' Ultra -HD visual experience, providing fast and clear sports pictures and higher color fidelity, and providing higher media content resolution (resolution), making the picture more colorful and bringing immersive scenes sense.

About STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics (ST) is the world's leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, providing customers with sensors, power devices, automotive products and embedded processor solutions. From energy management and energy-saving technologies, to digital trust and data security, from medical fitness equipment to smart consumer electronics, from home appliances to automobiles, to office equipment, from work to entertainment, STMicroelectronics' ubiquitous electronic devices are ubiquitous The life aspect plays a positive and innovative role. STMicroelectronics represents the idea that technology leads life.augmented.

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