State Grid Institute of Electrical Engineering: Intelligent programmable controller applied to large-scale power station

At 20 o'clock on December 30, 2011, the first unit of the pumped-storage power station at Puxi River in Liaoning was formally put into operation. This is the first time that the computer monitoring system developed by NARI Group has been successfully applied to a pumped storage unit with a single capacity of 300MW. It is also the first time that MB Series iPLC (Intelligent Programmable Logic Controller) independently developed by Nanjing Nanrui has been successfully applied to large-scale pumped storage. The power station broke the monopoly of foreign PLC products for large-scale pumped storage power stations with a single capacity of more than 200MW in China.

The computer monitoring system is the control core of the power plant. The computer monitoring system of the Pushi River pumped storage power station adopts the NARI NC2000 monitoring system software, and the local control unit adopts the NARI Group MB series iPLC. MB series iPLC is a new generation hardware platform developed by NARI Group using a series of new technologies. The product is smart, reliable, open and flexible, suitable for a variety of complex control applications. This product has passed strict standardized CE safety certification and strict environmental classification society certification, and is qualified for export to the European Union and other countries and regions. It has been widely used in domestic and foreign power, water conservancy, chemical industry, transportation, building automation and other monitoring areas. .

Pushihe pumped storage power station is currently the largest pumped storage power station in Northeast China and is located in Kuandian Manchu Autonomous County, Dandong City, Liaoning Province. The power station has installed a total of four 300MW reversible generator motor units, which will be incorporated into the Northeast Power Grid after completion and serve as backup tasks for peaking, filling, frequency modulation, phase modulation and accidents.

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