Storm 40X Warrior Edition contrast music as X40 40-inch TV Which is better?

Storm TV released on May 4th Storm Superman TV 2 VR TV X-Men and Storm Superman TV 40X-Warriors, Storm VR TV as the world's first VR TV, has attracted many people's attention. But in addition to VR TV, the 40-inch TV at 999 yuan is equally amazing. It can be said to have hit the bottom price of the industry, and Storm TV has claimed that it will eliminate 32 TVs. The LeTV, which has always been known for its low prices and free hardware, is also very weak in front of the “Rose Storm” in the storm. But the pros and cons have to use products to speak, this article will compare the depth of multi-angle comparison of the Storm 40X Warrior Edition and music as X40 (40 吋, bare metal price of 1699 yuan).

First, the appearance of contrast

Because there is no real machine, you can only use the pictures taken in the stormstorm new conference experience area for everyone to introduce. Storm Super TV 40X Warrior Edition uses the storm TV iconic rose gold color, stylish atmosphere, and is the metal base and metal back and metal spray border, the TV is very stylish atmosphere texture. Although it was a 999 yuan TV, it did not give people a cheap feeling in appearance.

In contrast, LeTV X40, the entire machine is made of plastic, in the appearance of a big discount. And the process is relatively rough, such as the frame is used to splicing processing, screws everywhere, affecting the overall appearance.

Storm 40X Warrior Edition

(Compared to the overall body, on the storm 40X, the next music X40)

Base contrast

Border process comparison

Second, content comparison

Internet TV, content is king. Storm TV's new conference, directly claiming that the content of resources more than three times as LeTV, and listed the table to elaborate, and domineering sideways shouting "unconvinced list" slogans, quite mobile phone industry, "do not run "Some points" feeling, the latest sheet has also been released.

However, there is no evidence in the air, and anyone can say that even if the comparison is listed, it is not enough to explain it. Still, it is necessary to speak with facts and look at Xiao Bian's actual search comparison. Xiao Bian compared only the latest updates of the two TV sets.

In the two pictures above is the latest update movie of Storm TV. The following picture shows the latest update of LeTV. It can be seen that the latest content on Storm TV is the recent hot movies at home and abroad, and LeTV has less new content in this area. The only two large wilderness hunters and geocentric rescuers have already gone online on Storm TV. , And the hot movies on Storm TV, such as Hotpot hero Glacier, my special industrial grandfather, Scraps, etc., are either trailers on LeTV or need to jump to the iQIYi platform, and can only try six minutes.

(Hotpot hero, LeTV needs to jump to iQiyi for viewing, and can only look for 6 minutes)

(My agent grandfather and Glacier chase, LeTV only trailer)

(Abandoned diesel, music TV needs to jump to iQiyi watch, and can only look 6 minutes)

Third, hardware comparison

Internet TV is not like a smart phone. Hardware's status is not so important, unless it is a high requirement for audio and video performance and game performance. Obviously, the positioning of Storm Ultra TV 40X Warrior and LeTV X40 will not be the case. Storm Super TV 40X Warriors version is slightly weaker than LeTV X40 in hardware, mainly reflected in the CPU and operating storage, Storm Super TV 40X Warriors version of the operating storage is 1GB, and music as X40 2GB, good for TV Unlike multiple tasks, mobile phones do not work together, so running storage as long as enough to ensure the smooth operation of the system, 1GB is sufficient. In other major configurations, the screen resolution of the Storm Superman TV 40X Warriors is the same as that of the LeTV X40, which is 1080P. The hardware resolution is the same, but Storm TV can rely on storm technology in the playback processing technology. Such as the left-eye engine technology, tune-up optimization in the picture quality, the display should be better.

Evaluation summary

Comparing the appearance, quality, and workmanship, Storm Ultra TV 40X and LeTV X40 are more sincere. Although they are slightly weaker in hardware configuration, they are not inferior in experience, even if different people have their own subjective. Judging, but a huge price difference of 700 yuan, enough to pull the purchasing power to the Superstorm TV 40X version.

As far as the industry is concerned, this TV of Storm TV can indeed compress 32 TVs with absolute advantage, and eliminating 32 TVs is not just a slogan. In addition, with the advantage of cost-effectiveness and storm TV in Internet content services, it does have the ability to speed up the process of the home Internet, which will also shake the status of LeTV in the Internet TV industry.

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