Taiwan's nearly 1 billion yuan to transform LED street light LED factory

The Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan subsidizes local governments with nearly 5.5 billion yuan (NT$, the same below, equivalent to RMB 992 million). By the end of 2016, 692,000 mercury mercury street lamps will be replaced by Led Street Lamps, including Delta Electronics and Everlight. Guangbao Group's Guanglin and Philips and other big companies are gearing up, and the CLP, which has crossed the LED lighting from traditional lighting, is also eager to try. In March, it will send CNS certification and get tickets for participating in the bidding.

The Taiwanese Executive Yuan last year rushed to approve the "Silver Street Lights Sunset Plan" before the September 9th General Election. The Minister of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, Zhuo Shizhao, attended the Taiwan International Lighting Technology Exhibition yesterday (25th) and said that the Ministry of Economic Affairs will subsidize this year and next. The county and city governments totaled 5.49 billion yuan of funds. Before the end of next year, they completely eliminated mercury street lamps and switched to LED street lamps, saving 640 million kWh and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 330,000 tons.

The Taiwan Provincial Executive Yuan intends to replace 694,000 LED Street Lights. Philips has long been involved in the LED street lamp market in Taiwan. It has been actively deployed. Manufacturers such as Yiguang, Delta, Guanglin and Hexi have also won in the past two years. Multiple LED street light standards.

CLP is a traditional lighting manufacturer. It has only begun to cross LED lighting in the past 2 or 3 years. It has won nearly 20% market share in mercury street lamps, ranking the highest in the industry. It is naturally eager to participate in the LED street lamp. Participated in the Taiwan International Lighting Technology Exhibition, which was exhibited yesterday, and exhibited a series of LED intelligent lighting products such as modular LED factories, offices, classrooms and residential buildings. Weng Fangyu, deputy general manager of CLP, said that CLP’s LED lighting revenue accounted for last year. Only 15%, this year actively deployed LED lighting source, street lighting and IoT market, also participated in the government's mercury street lamp sunset plan, hoping to achieve market penetration rate of 20 to 30%.

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