Taiwan developed "multi-function LED lights" for underwater use and SOS vests with LEDs inside

At the exhibition of industry-university cooperation research and development at the technical colleges held in Taiwan recently, a multi-function LED indicator that can be used underwater and an SOS vest with LEDs were exhibited.

Taiwan University of Science and Technology and Xinxin United jointly developed a multi-function LED indicator that can be used in the next meter of water. It has many functions such as waterproof, power saving and decoration. It can be used not only as a warning light for bicycles and strollers, but also because of its The cute shape is suitable for children to take a bath and play with toys.

The Yadong Institute of Technology and the Textile Industry Co., Ltd. have jointly developed the light-appearing fashion and light warning vests. The "SOS Light Display Vest" was developed by Yadong Materials Fiber Co., and the LED lights are built into the clothes to make the clothes active at night. Illuminate to improve the safety of cycling or pedestrians at night. After removing the power switch, the light vest can also be thrown into the washing machine for washing. This design won the silver medal of the French Leiming Invention Award in 2010.

The textile high-rise said that the SOS vest developed by Yadong can be extended in many ways. In addition to the warning SOS vest, it can also be used to match the customer's needs and embroider different words on the clothes, suitable for parties.