Taiwan factory Kangshu intends to cross the LED commercial lighting field

Taiwan factory Kangshu recently won the mainland LED street lamp standard in Henan Province. Kang Shu said that in fact, the amount of LED street lamp in Henan this year has been 40 million to 50 million yuan, but due to legal restrictions, you must wait until All the work can be recognized, and the local construction progress is relatively slow, so its Q1 still has a loss in the LED street lamp. Kang Shu said that the next step would be to cut into the market for commercial lighting.

Kang Shu pointed out that Henan LED street lamp standard is 45% invested by Kangshu and 55% by mainland cooperative manufacturers. The two parties have established joint ventures to establish enterprises, and in the future, they will cooperate with commercial lighting. The legal person estimates that Kangshu benefited from the standard recognition this year, and the revenue of the LED lighting product line is expected to increase by 30%.

In terms of Kangshu's product portfolio last year, consumer electronics accounted for about 55% of revenue, industrial-related applications accounted for about 45%, and a few were emerging applications such as LED/fuel cells. Last year, LED/fuel cells contributed only 3 to 5% of Kangshu’s revenue. However, with the oil shale mining and natural gas prices falling, the demand for natural gas-based fuel cells continues to increase. / Fuel cell revenue in the company is expected to increase this year. Kang Shu estimates that LED / fuel cell revenue this year is expected to rise to 7 ~ 8%.

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