Taiwan factory Yingtai light guide plate Q4 shipments will increase significantly

Taiwan's Yingtai Technology (3573) pointed out that the side-light LED TVs use light guide products will be shipped in small quantities in Q3 2010. It is expected that Q4 or 2011 Q1 shipments are expected to increase significantly.

Yingtai's current products are still mainly diffused panels, which can be used in direct-type cold cathode tube TVs. Although the direct-lit LCD TVs use LEDs with better quality than the edge-lit LCD TVs, the number of LEDs used directly is significantly higher. The cost is too high.

Yingtai said that LCD TVs with LED backlights are currently dominated by sidelights. The market pointed out that in 2010, Q4 LED side-light TV market penetration rate is about 30%, Taiwan is about 10%, and the light guide plate market penetration rate is almost the same.