Taiwan listed cabinet LED factory in December 2011 revenue decline of 10%

According to the statistics of a research institute, the total revenue of LED manufacturers in Taiwan in December 2011 was about 6.54 billion NT dollars. The monthly recession was about 11.99%, and the annual recession was 19.6%, mainly because the overall demand of the market continued to be sluggish. LED die and package manufacturers' revenues have not been able to continue their upswing in the first half of the year, and many LED manufacturers are still facing inventory pressure, and they are still actively seeking breakthrough ways.

In terms of upstream and downstream, although some short-single effects continued to ferment, Taiwan's listed cabinet LED chip factory recorded revenue of 2.64 billion yuan in December, a decrease of 16.5% in the month and an annual decline of 30.2%. The agency analyzed that the LED chip factory's revenue in December was down by more than 30%. The main reason was that in December 2010, it was demanded by the backlight products of tablet computers and LCD TVs. The base period of revenue was high, but since last year, the market has faced Oversupply, the price of the product fell sharply, so revenue was affected. In 2011, the revenue of LED die factory reached NT$45.4 billion, a slight decrease of 7% compared with 2010.

On the contrary, the LED packaging manufacturers that are provided to the terminal application market are relatively less affected by the upstream oversupply. They also benefit from the recent replenishment demand in the backlight market. The revenue in December reached NT$3.9 billion, and the monthly recession was 8.66%. 10.3%. Looking at the whole year of 2011, the revenue of LED packaging factory reached NT$54.92 billion, a slight decrease of 3% compared with 2010.

The industry estimates that by 2015, the mainland LED lighting market will reach 7.6 billion US dollars. Due to the mainland's complete lighting production base and supply chain, coupled with the domestic demand market potential, many manufacturers are optimistic about the development of the mainland LED lighting market and accelerate the layout, including Jingdian cooperated with Sunlight Lighting and NVC Lighting, and Yiguang teamed up with Shanghai Yaming to cooperate with NVC Lighting. Philips, a lighting brand, announced today that it has established a LED lighting factory in Chengdu, which is also the second large investment of Philips in mainland China. In addition, LED manufacturers such as Guangbao (2301) and Ronda (3698) are also actively playing. Into the international big supply chain. All the targets are continuing to increase the proportion of lighting products revenue, stepping up the training, and laying out the lighting market early.  

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