Taiyuan Foxconn hit Sharp's product portfolio boxing, Yuan Fang teach you to look so!

With more than 50,000 employees, the Taiyuan Foxconn Technology Park in the winter of 2016 can be said to be overwhelming. On the one hand, Apple 7 and 7plus once again conquered the world's mobile phone industry, swept all the CPUs, and tumbled the edge of the Android game. On the other hand, Guo Chaogao became Sharp's largest shareholder by transferring Sharp into Sharp, and Foxconn began the journey of breathing the same destiny with Sharp.

During this period, Sharp's performance also turned to losses under the guidance of Foxconn's strategy. As a result, Sharp's banner was eventually uprooted. This is an unprecedented opportunity for Sharp to develop, but for Foxconn to come Although it fills the gap in the LCD panel industry, Sharp, after all, is different from the Foxconn development model, which is based mainly on OEMs. How does Foxconn's reputation and Sharp's technology make Sharp's products acceptable to the market? Foxconn shoulders its burdens. Very heavy.

However, Foxconn, one of the world’s top 500 companies, is not without its name, and recently, in order to open the market gap, Foxconn launched the “Tiger strategy” plan and established the program office within the company to professionally operate Sharp products. . At the same time, Foxconn, with its millions of employees, helped Fuliannet to promote internal employee promotion policies and product sales incentives through Fulian. For a time, Fuliannet's promoters spread all over the country, spreading the e-commerce promoters across the country. The power of the camp.

I do not know how effective this move is, but it is clear that as long as Foxconn employees, must be registered as rich network promoters. At the same time, Sharp's Foxconn Campus in Xiaodian District, Taiyuan, already has Sharp's product sales booths. Sharp, 70-inch, 60-inch, 50-inch, and 32-inch LCD TVs are on display at these booths. The onlookers do not know whether they were attracted by the short skirts and dancers who are on TV and they are still focusing on the uniqueness of the TV. In any case, the scene is a fiery scene.

It is reported that Foxconn sells the Sharp TV model is 70 inches and 60 inches totaling 13,999 yuan, for the frontline staff, the price is still a little expensive, but to be honest, soon as the New Year, buy two televisions to get back one to send It is still quite good for parents to honour Lao Zhang, especially for young people who are getting ready to get married or being in Foxconn. If the other party asks, the funds are still not to be forgotten. After all, the TV is a family artifact!

Sharp TV is known as the godfather of the LCD panel, and it is still quite destructive in all LCD TV brands. Whether it is the hardware quality or the smart cloud system equipped, it is a superior industry. At the same time, the price of these two products is different. The big e-commerce platform is quite competitive compared to that. For the families that plan to purchase home appliances recently, it is really worthwhile to start with two high-end LCD TVs at a price of 13999. I have Foxconn inside. Channels, want to start in the near future to discuss the private chat area, absolutely guaranteed original authentic, after-sale protection, especially for your use of Apple mobile phone, you also belong to the Foxconn blood, trust Apple's quality, you should rely on Sharp's technology. A friend who wants to learn more about Sharp TV can ask Du Yunniang. By the way, the television is really good. The key is the limited number.

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Monopole Tower

Galvanized monopole tower
Galvanized monopole Towers are used for a variety of communication applications and are ideal for use when zoning is difficult. Monopoles can also be designed as camouflage poles: pine tree poles, flag poles, palm poles and other stealth towers. Many uses include cellular monopoles, wireless internet monopoles, wifi tower, homeland security monopoles, two-way monopoles, and wind tower monopoles.

1. Based on its shapes, it is generally divided into 5 types: Goblet type, cathead type, cathead type, shaped type and barrel type.
Based on application, it can be divided into: Strain tower, straight line tower, angle tower, transposition tower (tower for transposition of wire phase position), terminal tower and crossing tower, etc.

2. Their structural features are: All kinds of towers are of space truss structures; Bard are mainly composed of single equal angle steel or assembling angle steel; Materials are generally Q235(A3F) and Q345(16Mn); Bars are connected by black bolts with shearing force; Entire tower is composed of angle steels, link plates and bolts; A few components like tower base are assemblies of welded steel plates for convenience of hot galvanizing anti-corrosion, transportation and erection.

3. For steel towers that with height below 60m, shackles are mounted on one of main columns for construction people to climb to work. Our Company is a large scale enterprise specializing in manufacturing of 220KV (330KV) electric power steel tower with advanced manufacturing facility and international top-ranking assembly line.

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