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4K TV has achieved great development in 2015 and has almost embarked on the road to popularity. At the same time, in the new display technology, OLED, quantum dots, HDR and other new technologies complement each other, and continuously improve the picture quality of 4K TV. Looking back at the 4K TV products in 2015, foreign media selected 10 best models. If you want to change your TV on holiday, you may wish to refer to it.

1. Panasonic TX-65CZ952 - Features: Outstanding picture quality, solved the inherent problems of OLED

Panasonic TX-65CZ952

The 65-inch Panasonic TX-65CZ952 was rated as the best 4K TV in 2015 by a number of foreign media. It uses a curved OLED panel and is equipped with an exclusive image display technology. The quality of the image is amazing. At the same time, it also partially solves the problem of low refresh rate and image sticking inherent in OLED. However, its price is as high as about 80,000 yuan, which is very expensive.

2. LG 65EF950V - Features: Excellent contrast, good webOS experience

LG 65EF950V

LG is the first TV manufacturer to develop OLED technology and is currently the most complete product line. This year's flagship model 65EF950V is equipped with a 65-inch 4K OLED panel, with outstanding contrast and color effects. In addition, after several versions of the replacement, its webOS system has achieved a better experience.

3. Samsung UE65JS9500 - Features: Excellent picture quality, rich function of smart TV platform

Samsung UE65JS9500

In addition to OLED, quantum dot technology is also a technology that has made breakthrough progress in 2015. As the leading manufacturer of quantum dots, Samsung has fully demonstrated that this technology can achieve image quality that is not inferior to OLED. The UE65JS9500 is equipped with a 65-inch 4K panel, which achieves extraordinary contrast and color performance through quantum dot technology, which is greatly improved compared to ordinary LED backlights. In addition, it also supports HDR functionality, and is more usable with HDR content in the future.

4. LG 65EC970V---Features: Outstanding design, good picture quality

LG 65EC970V

The LG 65EC970V is the first TV product to feature a 4K OLED panel and uses a sophisticated, atmospheric modern design that looks beautiful. Of course, its picture quality is still very good, with webOS has a good smart TV experience, and the price is lower than the 65EF950V.

5. Sony KD-75X9405C --- Features: Outstanding picture quality and sound quality

Sony KD-75X9405C

Sony's flagship TV model KD-75X9405C this year is undoubtedly amazing. The 75-inch, quantum dot technology panel and HDR function make this LCD TV achieve a very high picture quality performance. In addition, it continues the Sony high-end models of magnetic fluid speakers, sound quality is equally amazing.

6. Panasonic TX-50CX802B --- Features: exquisite picture quality and outstanding color

Panasonic TX-50CX802B

The 50-inch Panasonic TX-50CX802B is a relatively high-quality 4K TV that is relatively close to the people. Although the 50-inch LCD panel uses conventional LED backlighting, Panasonic uses an advanced image processing engine to achieve excellent image quality. In addition, HDR functionality is also supported through firmware updates, and Fire OS is also quite usable.

7. Sony KD-65S8505C --- Features: outstanding color, subtle curve design

Sony KD-65S8505C

As Sony's second-generation curved LCD TV, Sony KD-65S8505C achieved a more humane design, while the 4K panel provides superior details and subtle color performance, coupled with the Android TV system and approachable prices, is still very suitable Ordinary home purchase.

8.Samsung UE48JS8500 - Features: outstanding color and sports effect

Samsung UE48JS8500

As a SUHDTV equipped with quantum dot technology, Samsung UE48JS8500 achieves excellent color, superior detail, and superior color depth, which is comparable to OLED TV. In addition, the 48-inch size is also more suitable for ordinary families, but also makes the price more approachable.

9. Samsung UE48JU7000T - Features: Contrasting, affordable

Samsung UE48JU7000T

The Samsung UE48JU7000T is a basic LED TV that does not have quantum dots. However, the high quality of the 4K panel gives it excellent contrast, outstanding detail, and a relatively affordable price. It is also an entry-level 4K TV that is worth considering.

10. Panasonic TX-40CX680B --- features: superior detail, powerful FireFox system

Panasonic TX-40CX680B

Although the last Panasonic TX-40CX680B only equipped with a 40-inch panel, but Panasonic emphasizes a better pixel, rather than more pixels. This means that the TX-40CX680B's black level and color all have a good performance. At the same time, the FireFox system also provides powerful features and high customization, and is a very outstanding small-size 4K TV.

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