Talking about the Internet of Things from the perspective of supply chain

Market research firm IDC predicts that by 2020, the Internet of Things will become an international market worth $1.46 trillion, compared with 700 billion last year. From the current point of view, the Internet of Things market still lacks unified standards. Many smart products cannot achieve large-scale sales of more than one million units, including solution providers, traditional enterprises, intelligent hardware companies, cloud platforms, service organizations and other industrial chain parties. In the search for ways to promote the construction of industrial ecosystems, how to accelerate the transformation of traditional industries has become the focus of attention.

So how do you think about the Internet of Things? Simply put, the Internet of Things is a big market with lots of data. As a giant of electronic distribution, Avnet has been doing a very good job in cloud computing. It has also played an important role in promoting the development of the Internet of Things. By connecting the individual resources with upstream resources through the underlying connection, a strong IoT ecosystem is built. System, this electronic enthusiast interviewed Avnet, senior manager of Avnet's Electronic Components Technology Marketing Department.

Li Weichang, senior manager of Avnet's Electronic Components Technology Marketing Department, said that the Internet of Things in China is mainly based on application requirements and needs to use technology as a starting point to discover market demand. As a key link in the ecosystem, Avnet has a world-class supply chain and design chain support, providing the chips and solutions needed by the technology provider, and helping them quickly enter the market through a large sales team. Domestic technology, products and services are available all over the world.

Li Weichang said that Avnet has always built the Internet of Things ecosystem with the idea of ​​a middleman, and has always been an agent from the IC manufacturer. In the future of the Internet of Things, there is little or no company, and it is easy to have high-level technology in hand. Therefore, Avnet hopes to use various advantages to help manufacturers connect in the middle and promote the development of the industry.

Provide customized connection services

In the customized service, Li Weichang said that he is currently optimistic about the field of smart families. When asked why, Li Weichang said that to invest in the Internet of Things and to connect, smart home is the most direct place. For some factories, it is very recognizable. Smart homes are relatively easy, and this is also The reason for putting it in front. In terms of networking, it also includes networking between devices and industries. Avnet is doing it together, investing a lot of resources in technology promotion and providing related connectivity services.

Avnet is not just a component distributor, but also provides some specific reference designs and software support. Li Weichang said that Avnet has been insisting on doing it for many years, so it needs first-class engineers. This part often sees that even if there are too many resources, it is difficult to meet the requirements. This is why Avnet will find many solution providers to help. It is up to many people to support and help achieve this effect.

For Avnet, there will be a variety of new attempts, and there will be more opportunities in it. Connecting to the cloud will be more dependent on finding some powerful cloud merchants to do together. A variety of reference solutions for more people to experience, because the most important thing is the user experience, this is very important.

Provide upstream and downstream industry chain support

In some cases, Avnet needs to pass the design, and finally take the real demand from the user side. In the past, it is not necessarily said to sell to the factory. Now it is necessary to go to the next level and see how the company helps the parties. .

With the increasing demand for product technology, there is a high degree of control over the time of research and development. From the technical level to support and serve users, what can be done is that they can be sent to the market faster. Of course, through various means, or with some solution providers, or through some modules, through some software. Chips to help users, can get into the market faster, so these one level is through a technology of the method of implementation.

From the perspective of the chip, Li Weichang pointed out that Avnet has a lot of products in hand, and almost all European and American lines can provide many options to users. First of all, from the technical level of service, there is a large FAE team to help users do what they want, and in some areas, they will also use modular forms to implement most of the software, in different The level has corresponding support according to different ideas and requirements.

Avnet provides program support in a certain area, but does not involve specific product landings. Agents as components will follow the field, but will participate in a certain field, this should be decided according to different situations. In the three networking aspects, it is very important to be connected with the home network, but when it is compared Concentration may change with the top ten.

Four key points to accelerate product landing

Whether the product can be successful or not, can it become a truly qualified product. Especially in the Internet of Things, Li Weichang said that there are mainly four key points that cannot be ignored.

First, government policy. For example, electric vehicles are a very popular thing in China. This is because of the policy;

Second, driven by the idea of ​​consumption. It's easier to understand, like Apple and Samsung. It has made products that are very good-looking and users like, and more people will do similar products.

Third, security. If you can do an Internet of Things and give you a very peace of mind to use it, this is also an important point;

Fourth, the user experience, or whether there is a stickiness after the user uses it, will stick to this thing. If you are a wearable device, what you can do is to make that person feel that there is no defect in this function. If it is not so convenient, it will land successfully.

So Avnet has always wanted to find out these factors from different sources and after being able to connect. When you find out where these factors are exploding, follow this and you will find that the so-called landing, many cases have already landed, giving users a good experience, relying on one thing, will really get up.

Finally, Li Weichang emphasized that the Internet of Things has always been the focus of Avnet's attention. In the future, Avnet will cooperate with many companies to continuously introduce intelligent solutions under the Internet of Things era by integrating different connection technologies, so that users can more conveniently Acquire the corresponding data to achieve automation and security management, so as to help accelerate the application development downstream of the industry chain and accelerate the innovation and development of the Internet of Things in China.

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