Talking about the software composition program of virtual instrument

The virtual instrument is mainly composed of software, hardware and platform.

The software of virtual instrument is mainly composed of three parts: instrument panel control program, instrument driver program and application program.

The instrument panel control program is the test management layer and is the interface between the virtual instrument and the user. It can generate a graphical interface similar to the traditional instrument panel on the computer screen. The instrument driver is mainly to initialize the virtual instrument, and set the parameters and working mode of the instrument at the same time. The application program is used to analyze and process the input data. It can use the powerful computing power of the computer and the rich function library of the virtual instrument development software to improve the data processing function of the virtual instrument.

The hardware of the virtual instrument is mainly composed of computer scanning tunnel microscope and information measurement and control function hardware. The computer includes a microprocessor, memory and display, etc. It is mainly used to provide real-time effective data processing performance. The information measurement and control function hardware can use GPIB instrument module, VIX instrument module, PIX instrument module or data acquisition card to complete the functions of data acquisition, amplification and transmission.

The platform in the virtual instrument mainly refers to the hardware and software platform for integration.

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