Tang Guoqing: Domestic LED industry has room to rise compared to international level

On November 1, Tang Guoqing, general manager of the China market of Cree, said in an interview with the industry that the current level of the entire LED industry in China is still some distance from international companies, mainly because the domestic LED industry started slightly later. There is still room for improvement in technology. The second aspect is in the patent application, including various lighting, Mr. Tang said that there is a lot of room to do. The progress of the domestic industry is indeed very fast, but there is still a certain gap in the current situation.

The following is an interview record:

Moderator: Now the whole market, many Chinese industries are in a state of loss, but although the country supports it, it still needs their own strength. What do you think is the gap between domestic enterprises and international giants?

Tang Guoqing: I want to clarify first, everyone in the LED industry is making money, and there are very few losses. Therefore, it cannot be said that a considerable part of the industry is losing money. This teaching method is definitely not accurate. Because the LED industry chain is relatively long, from materials, epitaxy, chips, packaging, and even applications. In a certain chain of industry, there is a problem of economic efficiency, because input and output require a cycle.

Secondly, I want to prove that the LED industry was directly listed in the name of LED this year, and the stock price-earnings ratio is very high. In domestic companies, our Sanan Electronics Group has exceeded the market value by many times and is still moving forward with very good momentum. This is Xiamen. There are also a few listings that have been popular with everyone. There are still many companies listed in the queue, and I expect them to be very popular after they go public. But there are different ones, there are front, middle and back ends.

But in reality, in 2003, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly established a semiconductor industry studio. Compared with other aspects, LED has developed the fastest, and internationally, it is also the closest to international standards. We have made very encouraging progress in the past few years. This is the first thing to be sure of. Where is the gap? After all, starting in this industry is a little later than international companies, so there is still a gap in technology. For example, Cree is just a representative company. No matter in terms of large light source or small light source, one is a single lumen, the product is one-time and repeatable, and the stability of the technology is very good. Except for the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube, the Shanghai World Expo is almost all LED. This is one aspect that I have talked about. How to make the consistency, stability and repeatability of technology better, there is still room for improvement.

Secondly, in terms of the technology of patents, our country has always advocated that the government also hopes that manufacturing is always a manufacturing of wisdom, that is, the manufacture of wisdom. This is largely due to the innovation of technology. I think we are in this respect. We still need to work hard together, for example, in patent applications, invention patent applications, including various lighting fixtures in the application, everyone has a lot of room to do.

Now everyone in the industry is working very hard, and indeed progress is also very fast, but there are still some gaps in the current situation.