TCL is issued by the chairman of the huge subscription commitment

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TCL Group (000100) will cooperate with Shenzhen Chao Technology Investment Co., Ltd. to build the 8.5th generation LCD panel production line and extend it to the core area of ​​the industrial chain. The issuance was supported by TCL Chairman Li Dongsheng. Li Dongsheng pledged to subscribe for 250 million to 400 million yuan and promised to lock in three years to support the 8.5-generation LCD panel project and the long-term development of TCL.

In order to participate in the issuance of TCL Group, Li Dongsheng once again demonstrated his determination to support the company's development. TCL Multimedia's subsidiary TCL Multimedia (listed in Hong Kong) recently announced that Li Dongsheng has been selling TCL Multimedia's 15 million shares at a price of HK$5.65 per share in order to raise funds to participate in the panel private placement project. HK$84.75 million. After the transaction was completed, Li Dongsheng still held 18.60 million shares of TCL Multimedia, accounting for 1.71% of the total number of shares issued.

Industry insiders said that Li Dongsheng raised the subscription funds to support the additional issuance, further reflecting his confidence in the integration of the TCL industry chain. At the same time, TCL Group invested in the construction of the 8.5-generation LCD panel production line, which will effectively enhance the company's voice in the industry. TCL's advantages in LCD module integration and LED backlight module have formed a good upstream and downstream support. Through the vertical integration of the new flat-panel TV industry chain, TCL will become the only Chinese color TV enterprise to control the entire industry chain. In the future, the company's capabilities in technology research and development, supply chain efficiency, cost control, market response, etc. will be further enhanced, and core competitiveness will be improved.