Technology Teach You Summon "Fantastic Doctor" Five-Machinery Magic Array

In Marvel's new film "Dr. Odd," Dr. Fu (Benedict T. Cumberbatch) can turn mana into weapons and shields. Those magical shields that are drawn out of space in space are like Kong Ming. The Eight Diagrams provides strong protection for the doctor.

There is a technical house that is a loyal fan of Marvel, after watching the movie, he is obsessed with the power of the Doctor to summon magic shields at any time, and he wants to make a magic shield generator.

The technology house thought of a way to quickly rotate the LED lights.

Can this method be able to restore the doctor's magic array in the movie? We see the video

In order to realistically COS strange doctors, technical house is also hard to think about it

Saying that such a person in the middle of the night in the middle of the night is also quite shocking.

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