Telit became the first module manufacturer to obtain ZIGBEE PRO and smart energy certification

Telit Wireless SoluTIons, a global supplier of machine-to-machine (M2M) modules and services, has announced that it has obtained Zigbee PRO and smart energy software certification. Telit's self-developed software module is certified to be fully compatible with the 1.1 standard version of device-level home displays and energy service interfaces. The high degree of flexibility obtained through the comprehensive control of this major software element makes Telit the only focus on M2M technology company-can quickly adapt its products to meet various needs, such as the emerging smart grid, smart home and smart meter market. In addition, the certified ZigBee PRO protocol software also provides a ZigBee compatible platform (ZCP), allowing users to quickly and simply develop products that meet ZigBee certification requirements.

Telit became the first module manufacturer to obtain ZIGBEE PRO and smart energy certification

ZigBee devices provide two-way communication and data transmission, and will not incur repeated call charges such as mobile wireless data transmission in the local environment. The acquisition of this certification means that the Telit protocol software is fully compatible with the ZigBee Alliance (ZigBee Alliance) standard, which also means that all products based on this software can be integrated into smart meters or smart residential panels and devices. The scale of the government's spontaneous promotion of standards tailored to the project. Telit's ZigBee product line is equipped with other cellular and GPS technologies, and has value-added services that include global cellular connectivity. These are the requirements for bringing solutions to the rapidly growing smart product market.

The ZigBee Alliance is one of the fastest-growing organizations. Its members cover the vertical industry chain. It aims to promote the interoperability of related design and maintenance devices on low-power short-range wireless frequencies. It is the industry's leading wireless short-range device standardization organization. One is quite suitable for power-sensitive or battery-powered applications, such as smart meters and smart houses. Smart meters allow power companies to measure, collect, and analyze electricity data more frequently to improve system-wide management.

Dominikus Hierl, Director of Wireless Solutions Marketing at Telit, said: "Telite can now quickly customize its certified ZigBee PRO-Smart Energy Protocol software to enable customers to accurately integrate end products such as power meters and home control devices To meet its market needs, Telit has become the first M2M supplier that can meet one of the most basic needs of system integration vendors, enabling it to create products that are easily applicable to different fields, thereby reducing costs and increasing ROI. "

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