The 2010 Xiamen Symposium on Illuminating China Tour was held successfully

2010 LED illuminates China Tour - National Tour Survey and Industry Seminar officially departed on July 10, and successfully held the first seminar in Xiamen on July 15th. The atmosphere was lively and the audience responded well. The seminar was held at Xiamen Jinyan Hotel and was jointly sponsored by Gaogong LED, Xiamen LED Promotion Center, Xiamen Optoelectronics Industry Association and Fujian Optoelectronic Industry Association. The meeting held a heated discussion on the hot topics of the current LED industry and the development of the LED industry in Fujian Province.

The conference attracted about 200 spectators, most of whom were senior executives and government agencies from LED companies in Fujian. Gaogong LED Zhang Xiaofei, Zhongke Wanbang He Wenming, Yulu Photoelectric Chen Ruiqing, Kerui China Tang Guoqing, Hualian Electronics Ye Likang, Guanyu Technology Zhang Hui, Zhongjing Kechuang Zhongqun, Fujian Optoelectronic Industry Association Peng Wanhua, Xiamen LED Promotion Center The host gave a wonderful speech at any opening ceremony, and Wu Jiang, assistant to the director of the Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, delivered a speech on behalf of the government.

Gaogong LED Zhang Xiaofei: China Industry Analysis Report for the First Half of 2010


Zhang Xiaofei believes that in the first half of 2010, the LED industry has the following development trends, namely, “the price of the chip has risen against the historical trend?”, the ten cities are no longer hot, the two LED companies are listed domestically, and “multiple standards are introduced. Industry chaos is still not over," EMC spoiled LED industry, LED TV penetration exceeded expectations, optoelectronic industry parks were tight, overseas markets accelerated the popularization of LED lighting, high-power chip light effects to achieve new breakthroughs, traditional lighting accelerated to LED lighting.

Zhongjing Kechuang Zhongqun: LED and natural lighting


Zhong Qun, general manager of Zhongjing Kechuang believes that from the perspective of luminous efficiency, LEDs are not much more energy-efficient than traditional light sources, but LEDs are directional, and the light utilization rate is high. Traditional lamps. Increasing the light utilization rate requires that the lamp has a good light distribution, so that the optical loss of the secondary optical system is minimized. Nowadays, optical design is hindering the popularity of LED lighting. Chinese companies lack talents in optical design and lack relevant technical experience.

He believes that the challenges of healthy lighting for LED devices include: 1) energy saving, improving light efficiency, reducing thermal resistance; 2) long life, providing packaging technology, reducing thermal resistance; 3) anti-glare, manufacturing modules of various suitable power; ) Easy to distribute light, reduce volume, white light color is completely uniform for angle; 5) High color rendering, increase color rendering index to above 90; 6) Comfortable white light color, full series of color temperature, white light color coordinates on PLANKER track; 7) Under the conditions of mass production, the color of white light can be controlled.

Xiamen Creative Lighting Application Design Center Introduction

During the conference, Xiamen LED Promotion Center introduced the Xiamen Creative Lighting Application Design Center. The purpose of Xiamen Creative Lighting Application Design Center is to promote application by design, promote development by application, and cooperate closely with politics, production, learning, research and business to integrate innovation platform. The service function is to establish patent pool, market service, processing and molding, design creativity, talent training, creative space and so on. At the same time, the center will also serve as a product platform, applying design according to market demand, displaying recent technologies and products, and introducing international and domestic famous enterprises.

He Kaijun: Review and Prospect of Xiamen National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Industrialization Base

Any of the leaders of the Xiamen LED Promotion Center said that Xiamen's LED industry is currently in the leading position in the national semiconductor lighting industry. Xiamen is the first city to formulate a semiconductor lighting industry development plan, and the country's first approved national semiconductor lighting project. Industrialization base, the first to establish a semiconductor lighting industrialization promotion center, the first to carry out the national semiconductor lighting industrialization base backbone enterprise identification, the first large-scale implementation of semiconductor lighting nightscape projects, the first batch of ten cities and ten thousand demonstrations The city, the first to establish a photovoltaic industry technology innovation alliance.

At present, the leading enterprises in Xiamen include the upstream Sanan, Jingyu, dry photos, the Hualian of the middle reaches, the Lida letter of the downstream, and the Tongshida of the phosphor manufacturer.

Xiamen has the following advantages: local government support is strong, LED upstream technology and output are leading in the country, the industrial chain is relatively complete, and the region is concentrated. There are five 863 projects, the social and summary organization has obvious functions, and Taiwan has deep cooperation.

Ye Likang: Introduction to Hualian Electronics and Midstream Industry Development


Ye Likang, general manager of Xiamen Hualian Electronics Co., Ltd. introduced the relevant situation of Hualian Electronics. The company's shareholding is 53% for Jiangxi Lianchuang, 35% for Lianfa Group and 12% for Foshan Lianchuang Hualian Electronics.

Xiamen Hualian Electronic Infrared Remote Control Receiver Amplifier and Optocoupler were identified as the first in China. The SSR solid state relay was identified as the first in China and reached the international level of similar products. Ultra-high brightness and white LED products have reached the international level of similar products. High-power LEDs have reached the advanced level of domestic similar products. The microcomputer controller system has reached the domestic leading level.

The company's goal is to achieve sales revenue of more than 1.5 billion through three to five years of development, becoming the leading LED packaging and semiconductor lighting in China.

Yulu Optoelectronics Chen Ruiqing: Opening a new era of LED indoor lighting

As the world enters the "post-crisis" era, finding and nurturing new economic growth points and developing strategic emerging industries have become the most important means for countries in the world to seize a new round of strategic commanding heights in the new era. For China, the development of strategic emerging industries is not only an expedient measure based on the current and coping with the crisis, but also a major strategic choice for the future and for the long-term.

The unparalleled energy-saving and environmental protection features of semiconductor lighting have become the most promising and most sought-after high-tech industry in the world. Faced with the huge market space and energy-saving potential of the semiconductor lighting industry, many developed countries have listed semiconductor lighting as a strategic emerging industry, and a battle to seize the commanding heights of emerging industries has begun globally. In this context, Chen Ruiqing, managing director of Fujian Yulu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., said: Semiconductor lighting has made important contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction and the development of low-carbon economy. Indoor lighting will enter the LED era.

Yulu Optoelectronics specializes in LED high-power lighting technology. It is a modern company integrating LED R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service integration. The company's products cover indoor lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting and LED light sources.

Peng Wanhua: Discussion on the application of LED in the field of lighting


Peng Wanhua believes that technical issues have not been completely solved in the promotion of functional lighting problems, such as energy efficiency, heat dissipation, system reliability and cost.

At present, the industrialization level of LED reaches 100-110 lm/w, which should be said to be applicable to many functional special lighting, but there is still a big gap from the general lighting requirements. Whether the LED light source can enter the general lighting field, the cost of the light source is the most critical. The plan proposed from the US SSL requires an integration price of $2/klm in 2015. From the current cost price, the required cost is reduced by an average of 20% per year, which basically achieves the above-mentioned indicators, which is a very difficult task.

In order to make white LED light source enter the general lighting field, it is technically important to solve the problem of total energy efficiency, light color quality, heat dissipation and system reliability of the light source. The cost should be based on continuous improvement and innovation in technology, and the integration price will reach about 20 yuan/klm. From the point of view of time, LED functional lighting products can be promoted and applied in batches when the key technologies are basically solved and the cost is significantly reduced. In 2010-2012, LED light sources will enter the commercial lighting field (downlights, spotlights, commercial fluorescent lamps, freezer lights, etc.), and will gradually enter the general lighting field (residential, office) from 2012 to 2015, and will enter a large number in each year from 2020 to 2025. A field of lighting. It will provide people with a healthy, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and comfortable LED lighting environment.

Zhongke Wanbang He Wenming: LED indoor lighting market and lighting cost structure


He Wenming believes that the current status of indoor lighting in China is driven by demonstration projects. The application of LED lamps is unevenly distributed. Most LED energy-saving lamps do not show good advantages. Most LED lamps do not save money, and the lack of standards leads to market confusion. If the price is too high, it will be difficult to popularize consumption.

If domestic LED indoor lighting is to be popularized, it is necessary to solve the problems of promoting a large number of applications, driving consumer popularity, in-depth education for consumers, solving technical problems of LED lamps, and further improving product cost performance.

Cree Tang Guoqing: Ten reasons why LEDs change lighting


Tang Guoqing, general manager of CREE China Market, believes that the ten reasons for LED to change lighting are that the concept of decision-making has begun to change, the opinions of experts have changed, the ideas of the public have changed quietly, the influence of major projects has increased, and the space of traditional lamps has increased. Small, LED technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, semiconductor lighting prices have fallen, market competition has begun to standardize, standards have been accelerated, and the world of green lighting is inevitable.