The black technology that Google couldn't continue to play was broken by this company. . .

The mobile phone circle is a river and lake, and it is a big thing. Humans are really noisy. . . And a bad one is good. . .

Let's hear bad first.

A message came out four days ago:

Google is ready to give up its development plan for a modular handset. . . can. . Just four months ago at the I/O conference you clearly stated:

Look, the real machine is in my hand, pay attention! ! If you can brighten your screen, I will assure you that you will be able to buy it in 2017! ! !

In the words of Shanghainese, it's crazy. . Really happy. . .

As a result, grain flour that has not yet reached its climax must be sexually cold. . .

However, let's talk about the good news below: Motorola’s Modular Mobile Phone has no playfulness and is really sold! !

Moto z

Since we are drawn to this, we must first clarify a concept:

What is a modular phone

You can think of it as a LEGO brick, and you can freely choose, replace or even remove any components of your phone, including the processor, screen, memory, and battery.

In simple terms - it is a skeleton and cannot be used independently, only by inserting various components.

And moto z, it is another form -

First of all, it is a mobile phone and the disconnect module can still operate independently. The implementation of the module expansion is on the back of the 16 adsorption-type contacts.

By the way, the reason why the mobile phone is modularized, I think it was forced by Apple. . . Against the popular "Apple Wind".

I boldly predict that after the iPhone 7 comes out, the domestic mobile phone next year is estimated to be like this. . .

Then after all kinds of plagiarism, at the press conference, there were all kinds of Tucao apples, and they changed a few small details to kill Apple's few streets. . .

Going around again, point it out, close!

These two modular forms, I partial moto wind.

Of course, moto is not the earliest, the originator will not be able to turn it. . . The first global split phone that was released in 2010 was -

Fujitsu's "F-04B"

It was also a combination of magnets, but after all it was 6 years ago, it was connected with Bluetooth.

However, sales were not good at the time, NTT DoCoMo did not launch follow-up products of this phone, a pity. . . Can only say that students are not in time, too ahead!

The projector module, moto z also has, and it comes more lightweight.

The use is also wider. . . For example, there is a reason to draw a King of Fighters on the wall, or to lie down and watch Xiu Xiu in the evening.

By the way, that "Hasselblad" camera module is my favorite dish! !

After connecting

Solid shutter

10 times light change (do not know why, especially like this feeling of one in and one out)

Bring your own flash

Don't ask me why this thing is useful, feel your own photo.

night view

(Digital zoom on the left and 10x on the right)


(normal angle on the left and 10x on the right)


However, there is a limitation of this thing, that is, only with the moto phone. . .

If you want to feel the thrill of the lens in other mobile phones, there is a trick

Sony's external camera that was released a few years ago

Connect to various mobile phones via wifi or nfc!

One of the qx10 lens adapters can connect a variety of lenses. . . To be more abnormal can be more abnormal. . .

So, Sony Dafa is still good

The future is really about to come. I hope the black technology company ahead will be slower. . .

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