The effect of household appliances recycling intelligent green environmental networking system

The home appliance recycling market is an economic market with a huge business opportunity, but the current state of development is extremely chaotic. To this end, it is necessary to build and launch an effective monitoring and management system.

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According to the statistics of relevant departments, China has an average of 4 million refrigerators, 5 million TV sets and 6 million washing machines per year. In addition, nearly 5 million computers have entered the phase-out period. The scale of the entire used household appliances market is as high as 10 billion yuan. However, in such a large-scale market, few companies are involved in it. The reasons are nothing more than the following two points: First, the recycling of used household appliances is difficult, the price of formal recycling channels is too low, and even the goods are not recyclable; second, the market is chaotic. There is no perfect downstream manufacturer to digest and recycle the home appliances, even if there is a dismantling plant, it will not make ends meet.

In response to the above problems, this article will introduce readers to a new intelligent green environmental networking system, hoping to help China's home appliance recycling business to propose better solutions.

The ARINS central server is the core of the entire system and is uniformly established and managed by government departments. The local servers of various home appliance manufacturers communicate with the operation gateway through the central server to facilitate the network communication of different brands of home appliances, and obtain correct information through data exchange with the cloud computing center when there is a problem in the home appliance.

ARINS system overview

The home appliance recycling intelligent environmental networking system, known in English as Appliance Recycling Intelligent Network System Of Environmental Protection Materials, is a system that integrates the applications of Internet of Things technology (ZIGBEE, GPRS and other transmission methods) and voice synthesis technology (TTS). The technical solution mainly utilizes wireless communication technology and radio frequency technology, and radio frequency technology (RFID) is an abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification, that is, radio frequency identification. Often referred to as inductive electronic chip or proximity card, proximity card, contactless card, electronic tag, electronic barcode, and so on.

The principle is that the scanner transmits a specific frequency of radio wave energy to the receiver for driving the receiver circuit to send the internal code, and the scanner receives the code. The special feature of the receiver is that it is free of battery, contact-free, and free of card, so it is not afraid of dirt, and the chip password is the only one in the world that cannot be copied, with high safety and long life. The application of RFID is very extensive. At present, typical applications include animal wafers, automobile chip alarms, access control, parking lot control, production line automation, and material management. There are two types of RFID tags: active tags and passive tags, electronic technology, which is based on the principles of electronics, using electronics to design and manufacture circuits with specific functions to solve practical problems, including information electronics and Two branches of power electronics technology. Information electronics technologies include Analog analog electronics and Digital digital electronics. Electronic technology is a technology for processing electronic signals. The main methods of processing are: signal generation, amplification, filtering, and conversion. Computer technology is the science and technology of computing equipment. Including computer hardware, software and its applications, and information network technology (IT is short for information technology, Information Technology, refers to information-related technologies.

Different people and different books have different interpretations on this. But basically everyone agrees that IT has the following three parts: -----Sensing technology This is the extension and expansion of human sensory organs, the most obvious example is the bar code reader; -Communication technology This is the extension and expansion of the human nervous system, and undertakes the function of transmitting information; -----Computer technology This is the function of human brain function extension and expansion, and undertakes to process information. The so-called informationization is to use information technology to transform other industries and industries, thereby improving the efficiency of enterprises. In this process, information technology assumes the role of a powerful tool.) Sensing technology, together with computer technology and communication technology, is called the three pillars of information technology. From the perspective of bionics, if the computer is regarded as the "brain" that processes and identifies information, and the communication system is regarded as the "neural system" that transmits information, then the sensor is the "sensory organ."

Sensing technology is a multidisciplinary modern science and engineering technology that acquires information from, and processes (transforms) and identifies information from natural sources. It involves the planning of sensors, also known as transducers, information processing and recognition. Design, development, manufacturing / construction, testing, application and evaluation improvement activities, such as high-tech technology equipment and software, to build a comprehensive home appliance recycling network, intelligent home appliances in one of the advanced systems. ARINS realizes the timely recycling of home appliances and effectively improves the interactive capabilities of smart home appliances. The main social values ​​realized by this system are: real-time reminder, eliminating the hidden dangers of the use of home appliances beyond the age; saving energy, realizing the green recycling of home appliances; unified management, monitoring the life cycle of the entire home appliance; providing effective management for China's home appliance industry Means and data support.

ARINS system

ARINS system includes home networking system (Internet of Things appliances, home gateway), electrical data center management system (operator gateway, central server and home appliance manufacturer local server); dismantling plant networking system (with disassembly home appliances, dismantling plant communication gateway) ); four systems of standby emergency service systems.

The first three parts constitute a common network, in which the first and third parts are the main places of use. The core central server mainly provides transit services for home appliance manufacturers and operators, as well as monitoring the life cycle of home appliances, and unified management and monitoring of the operation of the entire network. The fourth part of the backup system communicates during emergency services.

The home networking system and disassembly plant system includes: IoT home appliance terminal (integrated SYN6288) and home gateway (or disassembly factory gateway). The home appliance terminal and the gateway use the same standard for data interaction without the incompatibility of different brand products. When it is close to the service life of the home appliance, the data is exchanged with the cloud computing center through the sensor network inside the home appliance, and the information is intelligently judged, and the information is accurately broadcasted by TTS: “The refrigerator is close to the service life, please pass the correct recycling route. To handle this home appliance, the local home appliance recycling phone is...". The home appliance to be dismantled mainly communicates with the gateway of the dismantling plant, and records in the central server that the home appliance has been recycled into the home power plant, and at the same time, the home appliance and the home appliance manufacturer server perform the home appliance scrap record.

The operation communication gateway can be provided by the three major mobile communication providers in China: Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom, and can also be established by itself. Its main function is to realize the data interaction between the home appliance system and the data center, and realize the successful connection between the home appliance network and the Internet.

The ARINS central server is the core of the entire system and is uniformly established and managed by government departments. One-to-many support, the local servers of various home appliance manufacturers communicate with the operation gateway through the central server, which conveniently supports the networking communication of different brands of home appliances, and gets correct through the data exchange with the cloud computing center when the home appliance has problems. Information. For example, Haier customers can find the unique identifier of their products in the central server. In the same time, when the appliance fails, they will communicate with the central server for the first time, and get a solution in the cloud computing center to notify the customer, the same as other manufacturers. The product can also implement this feature. In the end, the entire server will carry out effective data management, which can completely cut off the refurbished of used household appliances and re-enter the home appliance market, and also provide anti-counterfeiting identification to home appliances. The alternate communication system provides complete data interaction support when the primary data center is dysfunctional.

The meaning of the ARINS system

The establishment of the ARINS system can effectively monitor the home appliances. The manufacturers of home appliances set up their own recycling channels. Consumers can directly purchase new products through the brand's online store. Old products can be directly depreciated and recycled in the online store. When new products arrive home, the old products are recycled. As a result, the problem of recycling of home appliances is solved, so that consumers will also prefer products of the same brand.

The construction of the ARINS system will solve the problem of recycling of household appliances in China, and at the same time effectively monitor the entire life cycle of home appliances. The home appliance dismantling factory can directly recycle used household appliances from home appliance companies, or directly disassemble them by home appliance manufacturers, and the dismantling of home appliances can be monitored. The ARINS platform has spawned a new media network, which will accelerate the integration of China's intelligent network, which will greatly promote the development of China's Internet of Things industry and rapidly bring the technology level of China and developed countries closer.

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