The final short board of the Chinese aircraft carrier battle group complements the aircraft carrier super nurses to launch the sea trial

On the Internet, on the 19th, a photo of a group of Chinese 901 new supply ships was tested. For the service of this auxiliary ship, the outside world has given special attention, because the "901 supply ship has completed the last short board in the Chinese aircraft carrier battle group." As the US Defense News commented, the aircraft carrier battle group is most impressed by the tall and mighty combat ships, but they can rely on a variety of "unobtrusive" auxiliary ships, so they In the development of naval armaments, there was a saying that "the layman looks at the warships and the insiders look at the auxiliary ships."

Integrated supply ship: "Super nurse"

This set of photos circulating on the Internet shows that the 901-type supply ship has three tall supply gantry and a wide stern helicopter deck, which is significantly larger than the 20,000-ton supply ship Weishanhu ship that was previously in service. The US Global Security website speculated that the 901-type supply ship may have a speed of 25 knots and a displacement of more than 40,000 tons, which is equivalent to the tonnage of the US-owned "supply"-class large supply ship. The service of this new supply ship will completely solve the logistics supply problem when the Chinese aircraft carrier battle group cruises.

Chinese military expert Li Jie told the Global Times reporter on the 20th that large-scale integrated supply ships are usually designed for large-scale aircraft carrier battle groups. The biggest feature is that they have a very complete range of bomb, oil, water and food replenishment capabilities. For example, in terms of ammunition replenishment, the demand for different warships in aircraft carrier formation varies from air bombs and air-launched guided weapons mounted on carrier aircraft to anti-aircraft missiles, anti-ship missiles and even various shells and torpedoes used in ships. There may be dozens of types. This is especially true for fuels, where aircraft require aviation kerosene, warships use kerosene, diesel or even heavy oil, and integrated supply ships must meet the various replenishment needs of the entire aircraft carrier formation. The integrated supply ship adopts a three-dimensional replenishment method, including vertical, horizontal and helicopter vertical replenishment, which can carry out dry cargo and liquid cargo replenishment for multiple ships at the same time.

China's aircraft carrier super nanny trials to complete the final shortcoming of the battle group (Figure)

Data map: China 901 large supply ship trial flight map circulating on the Internet

Li Jie said that for the naval formation of the voyage, returning to Hong Kong is time-consuming and laborious, and it is easy to miss the aircraft. Countries lacking overseas bases are particularly disadvantaged in this regard. Even in the United States, where overseas bases are spread all over the world, the aircraft carrier battle group needs to be drifted at sea for 3-6 months each time, and the supporting integrated supply ships, whether they are the former Sacramento or the current supply, are fully loaded. The displacement is usually more than 40,000 tons, in order to meet the massive material needs of the aircraft carrier battle group, so it is called the "super nurse" of the aircraft carrier. In addition, the integrated supply ship must follow the entire aircraft carrier formation to work together, so the speed is relatively fast, usually above 22 knots, which is also difficult to match the slow supply of ordinary supply ships.

The "Global Security" website said that the ocean replenishment capability has always been regarded as the weak link of the Chinese navy. In the Chinese Navy's escort operation in the Gulf of Aden, the first ten batches of escort formations took turns to replace the main ships, but the replenishment was always the Thousand Islands. The lake ship and the Weishan Lake ship were enough to show that the Chinese navy's ocean-going supply ship was stretched. In recent years, China has built a number of 20,000-ton supply ships, which have gradually compensated for the lack of quantity. However, due to the tonnage restrictions, it is still insufficient to support the ocean-going operations of aircraft carrier formations. The service of the 901-class integrated supply ship is expected to make up for this short board.

Aircraft carrier support ship: mysterious use

The military fans who are concerned about China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning ship, know that a special auxiliary ship has been accompanied by the growth of the Liaoning ship. This is the aircraft carrier protection ship "Xu Xiake". This large-scale support vessel with a shape similar to a cruise ship can accommodate thousands of crew members and its internal facilities are very advanced. It has repeatedly participated in the trial with the Liaoning ship, but there are few similar ships abroad, and the outside world is speculating about its use.

Some analysts said that the early task of "Xu Xiake" may be to provide daily necessities, military materials, ship energy, personnel equipment and other aspects for the Liaoning ship in the experimental stage. At the same time, it also uses simulation training facilities to provide necessary for the ship receiving personnel. Training. On the other hand, China lacks overseas military bases. After the Liaoning ship has formed a complete combat capability in the future, the "Xu Xiake" can also allow those crews who have completed long-term overseas cruises to be relieved from the highly nervous readiness.

There are also many "behind the scenes"

Li Jie said that the modern navy pays attention to systematic warfare, and in a certain sense, it is the ability of modern logistics and informationization. Therefore, in addition to these integrated carrier ships and support ships with the aircraft carrier, there are many “behind-the-scenes heroes” to ensure the combat effectiveness of the aircraft carrier battle group, including various conventional supply vessels, personnel transport vessels, hydrographic survey vessels, submarine rescue vessels, Minesweeper / mine-hunting ship, ocean tugboat, etc. For example, the familiarity of the hydrological environment is directly related to the outcome of the war. In the recent "China's capture of US submersible aircraft" incident, the exposure of the US Navy to the hydrological survey is fully demonstrated. The Russian naval fleet has always sailed with a long-distance tugboat and has become a unique landscape.


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