The first single-chip four-card four-standby mobile phone solution (Exhibition)

Spreadtrum Communications, Inc., one of the leading chip suppliers for China's leading 2G and 3G wireless communication terminals, today announced the world's first single-chip four-card four-standby handset solution SC6600L6, which supports multiple Up to four GSM SIM cards stand by at the same time on one mobile phone, enabling free switching between different SIM cards in the GSM network, thus pushing the concept of “borderless calling” to a new level.

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Spreadtrum SC6600L6 can support four GSM SIM cards to stand by at the same time through a set of baseband and RF hardware. The chip integrates a four-card engine processor and controller and uses a new four-card graphical user interface (GUI). The product can be freely adapted to the choice of multi-card solution, such as dual-card dual-standby, three-card three-standby, and four-card four-standby through a set of baseband and RF chips, which presents more choices for mobile phone designers and can Meet the needs of consumers in different regions.

"Exhibition single-chip four-card four-standby mobile phone solution is another invention result that we always pursue technological innovation." Dr. Li Liyou, Chairman and CEO of Spreadtrum Communications, said, "Dexa is also the world's first dual card dual standby and three card three standby. The inventor of the solution. We are committed to adding value to our products by providing our customers with attractive features. Spreadtrum's four-card four-in-one solution can bring unparalleled benefits to consumers in multiple carriers and who need to stay connected at all times. Flexibility."