The Huawei Mate9 Leica dual-camera skill that should not be underestimated: the true restoration of Beijing night

Huawei ’s newly released Mate 9 is already in my hands. For this mobile phone with dual Leica cameras, from the expectation at the press conference to the eagerness to get it in hand now, this mobile phone camera is a highlight, not much talk Say, Beijing is walking!

The Huawei Mate9 Leica dual-camera skill that should not be underestimated: the true restoration of Beijing night

It was six months ago that I used Huawei ’s first Huawei P9 in cooperation with Leica. This is a dual 12-megapixel machine with a black and white + color dual camera technology solution. The photos taken by the two cameras The sharpness and detail are surprising. Huawei also used the Leica dual lens for the first time in the Mate series-Mate 9, Mate 9 can achieve high-definition zoom through dual camera fusion, so as to achieve the optical zoom effect.

Picking up the phone and walking to the streets of Beijing, the winter weather conditions in Beijing have been bad, and the daily smog is also common. Picking up a mobile phone to record the night of Beijing, the sky is not beautiful, and today's smog is also very serious. For night conditions, it is a test for any camera equipment, and ordinary consumers want to take good photos with their mobile phones. Of course not easy.

At present, some professional photographers carry auxiliary equipment such as tripods with them. In fact, they lose the portability of mobile phones, and mobile phone photography has changed its taste. At least in convenience, it does not have much advantage over traditional cameras. This time, I just walked along with Guomao. I walked seven or eight kilometers one after another. From Guomao to Sanyuan Bridge, I recorded the beauty of the night on this prosperous road in Beijing.

In order to show that they were all taken with Huawei Mate 9, every picture was taken directly from the mobile phone and EXIF ​​information was put on it.

First of all, taking pictures at night must deal with the relationship between the bright lights and the surrounding complex light, which is not easy for many professional SLRs. Here are some pictures taken with Huawei Mate 9.

On the main road of the East Third Ring Road at more than seven o'clock in Beijing, we can see many vehicles, showing the congestion in Beijing. This picture is also completely hand-held and casual, which is the same as when ordinary consumers want to complain about how much Beijing is blocked in the circle of friends. We can see that this is a very complicated picture of the light at night, and the treatment of the halo and the performance of the details can be seen.

The old man who set up a stall on the roadside, as a merchant, in the winter street, such a night, a light does not know whether it will remind you of your parents in the distance. These are also two pictures taken at random under complex lighting conditions. For ordinary consumers, they will not be adjusted to manual state all the time, especially for fear of disturbing the person being photographed or missing the fleeting moment. The focus of Huawei Mate 9 is particularly fast, and the optimization of the camera is in place.

The same one is a small stall that makes cold noodles for passers-by on the night road. The dim lighting conditions and the great contrast between the light and dark parts are a serious exam for professional camera equipment. We can see that the tolerance of Huawei Mate 9 is very high, the bright part is not overexposed, and the dark part of the girls' clothes and bags are very clear.

Performance in low light

When it comes to taking photos at night, it is important to first find the light source at night, because at night, even if the picture is great, there is no proper light source or it is useless. In addition, the test of any camera equipment at night is that the light is very complicated.

The picture above shows a gunship helicopter on the tarmac outside an airline building in Beijing. Due to the non-office hours at night, there are almost no lights in the surrounding office buildings, the environment is very dark, and the main source of light is the decorative lights underneath. It can be seen that Huawei Mate 9's ability to control noise is amazing, the background is still very transparent, and there is very little noise. In addition, the details of the walls in the dark part are more retained, and the bright areas are not overexposed.

The picture above still illustrates the good latitude of Huawei Mate 9 camera. We can see that the brighter part of the outdoor cafe at night does not have overexposure, and the particularly dim flowers and grass are not completely black. For taking photos at night, it is the charm of this camera that can faithfully reflect what we see in our eyes. In fact, we can adjust the light curve later, but for me, if the night looks beyond our naked eyes, Is it still night?

In the two pictures above, the light is very complicated. Taking the last picture as an example, there are yellow warm light and white cold light, and the ambient light next to the subway is relatively dim, the light inside the convenience store is very bright, and the addition of the light behind the office building makes the light even more It's complicated, but the light doesn't appear to be particularly serious. Huawei Mate 9 also clearly reflected the scene at that time, and zoomed in, the price list of the lunch in the convenience store is clearly visible.

The EXIF ​​information of the above 4 pictures, skeptics can click on the big picture to view

For the performance at night, Huawei Mate 9 can be said to bring me a lot of surprises. For those who like to take pictures with a portable camera device such as a mobile phone, it is our pursuit to obtain photos with satisfactory quality under the condition of "free shooting". It can be seen that Huawei Mate 9's performance on complex light and noise control are all absolute leaders in mobile phone photography.

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