The most suitable 40-inch LCD TV in the bedroom recommended

With the continuous decline in the price of LCD large-screen TVs and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the 40-inch TVs that were the preferred choice for living rooms in the past have long been no longer suitable for today’s living room environment and have become a good choice for people’s bedroom TVs. The best viewing distance for a 40-inch TV is usually between 2.6 and 3 meters. If you sit in the bedroom while watching in the bedroom, the distance can usually be reached.

Now 42-inch LCD TVs are already very cheap, and many hot-selling products cost just over a thousand yuan. And most of these hot TVs have Internet or smart features, you can surf the web, video on demand and even install applications, the picture quality is also very good.

In the bedroom watching TV, the pursuit of comfort and convenience. When choosing a 40-inch bedroom TV, picture quality is certainly a very important aspect. In addition, if you need to access the Internet or video on demand, the ease of use of network functions and smart features of the TV is also very important. Here I recommend a few 40-inch LCD TVs for everyone, suitable for being placed in the bedroom, drilling into bed to watch!

Cool open K40 40 inch smart network LCD flat panel TV

Cool open K40 is a 40-inch TV, this TV has an easy-to-use cool open 5.0 intelligent system, coupled with excellent performance of the 10-core processor, to ensure the system runs smoothly. In terms of functions, Youku's genuine video-on-demand platform is built, and it has rich online video resources. In addition, it also has a full range of smart applications. At present, this TV is priced at 1,699 yuan in Jingdong Mall, and interested friends may wish to pay attention.

This cool open K40 has a ten-core processor, quad-core CPU + quad-core Mali450 GPU + dual-core VPU design, allowing the system to run more stable and smooth. In order to ensure excellent image quality, 10bit color enhancement technology and third-generation six-color technology have also been used, which has greatly improved color saturation and image quality.

Cool open K40 has a cool open 5.0 smart system, large card form with dual home switch, easy to use. In order to meet the viewing requirements of users, a genuine gifted friends film and television platform is built, and there are rich and varied online video programs that can be watched at any time, including television programs, movies, entertainment programs, and other programs.

Skyworth 40X3 40-inch Blu-ray HD LCD TV

Stop in the complex rhythm, return to life really, focus on the quality of the pursuit of practicality with a limited time, so that Skyworth takes you to walk the life. Skyworth 40X3 uses scene change screen technology to analyze each frame of image, according to the signal source brightness and chip compensation processing to improve the quality of the picture, so that the picture quality is more layered, seeing the horizon, is no longer the future. Wall-mounted sound effects, in good condition. High-frequency response, more presence. Let you feel the cinema effect at home.

Skyworth 40X3 carefully created surround sound, shocking. Stereo surround sound, easily follow the picture. Wall-mounted sound effects, in good condition. High-quality high-frequency response, more presence. Let you feel the cinema effect at home.

USB Blu-ray decoding a variety of formats, the picture is clear is true. Use a U disk to easily enjoy the enjoyment of high-definition movies. Skyworth 40X3 displays high-definition content from HDMI 1.4 and USB 2.0 interface input sources, enabling dual-channel decoding and transmission, and easy and fun video reading. At present, this TV is only sold for 1599 yuan in Jingdong Mall. Interested friends can pay attention.

AOC LE40D3158/80 40-inch LCD TV

A simple but not simple LCD TV with a narrow frame design, the overall screen ratio of more than 97%, allowing viewers to enjoy a more pure visual experience, with U-shaped base, simple, stable and luxurious.

Performance, the use of 40-inch import display, the world's top technology direct-type backlight technology, reduce product power consumption while also has 1920x1080 full HD resolution, together with D3158 unique professional quality enhancement technology, so that each pixel of the picture The colors of the dots are more vivid and true; the ultra-wide viewing angle of 178 degrees makes the screen display true-unchanging top quality at every angle.

The rich interface can meet all HD transmission requirements and have more playable peripheral configuration solutions. The built-in AVS decoding enables the LE40D3158/80 to watch high-definition digital TV programs through an ordinary external antenna. The AOC has joined the campaign to promote activities. From now on, every week will bring its own special models of TV explosions. This TV is currently only available for 1,499 yuan, 618 in advance. what are you waiting for? Come and see it!

LeTV Super TV X43S FHD A+ Level Panel Internet TV

LeTV Super TV X43S CPU is upgraded to Msrta6A928 high-intelligent professional chip, and its computing performance is improved by 40%, making the system more capable. Use FHD A+ panel to make the picture more saturated and the color display brighter and clearer. provides a huge amount of resources and is constantly updated 24 hours to meet the needs of users. Currently in the music as the mall, this 43-inch smart TV quoted at 1799 yuan, but also plus one month to send super video members and two months of super sports members, interested friends may wish to understand the next.

Super Music TV X43S
This LeTV Super TV X43S equipped with a Msrta6A928 quad-core CPU and Mali-T760 quad-core GPU, powerful computing capabilities make it easy to run large-scale 3D games and smooth playback of ultra-clear video, HDMI2.0 console game party Love, equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, low power consumption, strong scalability, external controllers, keyboards and other external devices. Equipped with a USB3.0 interface and SD card socket, the transmission speed is ten times that of ordinary USB2.0. No matter whether it is a local video or a network movie, there is no pressure to play.

Restore the natural and meticulous image world
In terms of video resources, LeTV Super TV X43S has a wealth of resources, access to the Internet at any time to watch high-definition TV dramas, movies, sports, animation, variety shows and other programs, more than 5,000 movies, more than 100,000 sets of content, are updated every day, increase , well meet the needs of users.

LeTV Super TV X43S Provides Rich Video Resources
Audio, LeTV Super TV X43S is independently equipped with two 8W high-quality fourth-generation magic sound speaker system, supports Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD decoding, with intelligent EQ, virtual surround, vocal enhancement and other post-processing , brings better music and entertainment.


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