The new artificial intelligence "A Brief History of the Future" explains that human beings are just an algorithm.

The author of "A Brief History of Humanity", Yuval Hralili, has just published his new work, A Brief History of the Future, in English, formerly known as Homo Deus (literally translated "Human God"). In the book, he looks forward to the possibility that human beings become creators, and proposes a concept of ruling humans and the world in the future - Dataism, whose focus is on artificial life, including artificial intelligence, human-to-biological Complete transformation of life.

The new artificial intelligence "A Brief History of the Future" explains that human beings are just an algorithm.

The cover of the book is concise and concise: let us be wise, and let us be God. He also predicted another tragic prospect of mankind: AI replaced all jobs and humans became "useless classes."

(1) Homo sapiens is just a mediocre algorithm

1. Biological organizations are algorithms. Individuals are just the integration of many different algorithms. They think that human beings are unique as a species. "The idea may be self-love." I believe that human beings always have the ability to not be overtaken by unconscious algorithms. The idea may be wishful thinking. Homo sapiens is a fairly mediocre algorithm that is destined to be outdated or upgraded.

2. An external algorithm that theoretically can understand me more than myself. If it is developed to a certain extent, it can replace people. The powerful algorithms of the future computer may allow humans to discard the free will that has been pursued for thousands of years, and put more things to the machine. Because humans will fight for divinity, humans have many reasons to be eager for such an upgrade.

(2) becoming dataism

3. High-tech masters and Silicon Valley prophets are creating a new global narrative that legalizes the authority of algorithms and big data. This novel creed can be called "dataism."

Advocates of the data world view view the whole world as a stream of data. I believe that the mission of human beings is to create an all-encompassing data processing system and then integrate it. Its greatest value lies in the flow of information. Just as free market capitalists believe in the invisible hand of the market, data scientists believe in the invisible hand of data flow. When the global data processing system becomes omnipotent, access to the system becomes a source of all significance.

4. We are now at the confluence of two scientific tides. On the one hand, biologists are cracking the mysteries of the human body, especially the human brain and emotions. At the same time, computer scientists are providing us with unprecedented data processing capabilities. When the two are combined, what we get is an external system that monitors and understands our emotions better than ourselves. Once the big data system we know ourselves better, authority will shift from human to algorithm. Big data will empower the "big brother."

5. Dataism has a very bright future because it is spreading to all scientific disciplines, and a unified scientific paradigm can easily become an unmovable dogma.

For scholars and intellectuals, dataism promises the scientific “Holy Grail” that humans have been eager for in the past few centuries: an all-encompassing science discipline that will evolve from musicology to economics to biology. The theory of the package. According to dataism, Beethoven's fifth symphony, stock trading bubble and flu virus are just three forms of data flow, which can be analyzed with the same basic concepts and tools. This idea is tempting, and it will give all scientists a common language, building bridges over academic cracks, making it easy to export insights across discipline boundaries.

6. Google (microblogging) does not need to be perfect, and does not need to be correct every time, as long as it exceeds the human average. This is not difficult, because most people don't understand themselves so much, and many people often make wrong decisions on key issues in life.

7. The data-based worldview is attractive to politicians, businessmen, and the average consumer because it brings groundbreaking technology and endless new power. As for fear of losing privacy and free choice, most people choose health when consumers have to choose between preserving privacy and getting better health services than in the past.

(3) From "smart people" to "human gods"

8. In most of human history, Hellaly said that people believe in God, which gives their world a cosmic order. But then, at least in some parts of the world, science began to empower humans, downgrading religion to subordinate status, and pursuing the meaning of humanity itself. This meaningal loophole is filled by humanism that “sacifies the life, happiness, and power of the wise man.” The contract of humanism and science has defined modern society. In the eyes of Heraly, life sciences are gradually destroying free will and individualism, and scientific research is proving that a free individual is merely a fictional story made up of a set of biochemical algorithms.

9. Humans may differentiate into two main levels:

One is a new and more advanced elite class, very intelligent, very rich, and may live forever, but only the super rich can enjoy the true fruits of these new technologies and enjoy the right to the ultimate wisdom. Mr. Hulari envisions that the elite will evolve into an unrecognizable state: Humo deus.

There is also a new kind of useless public, they can only wait for death more and more poorly, or pursue illusory happiness through drugs and virtual reality, feeling like "walking hunter on Wall Street."

The future may be like the ancient era after the digital upgrade, such as the ancient Egypt ruled by FaceBook.

10. No need to panic. At least not needed now.

Upgrading Homo sapiens will be a gradual historical process, not like a Hollywood movie. Homo sapiens will not be extinct because of the resistance of the machine. Instead, the Homo sapiens may escalate and merge with the robots and computers until our descendants turn back and realize that they are no longer the kind of Bible-writing, the Great Wall, and Chaplin will laugh. animal. This will not happen in a day or a year.

In fact, it is happening in countless ordinary moments. Millions of people decide to give smartphones more control over their lives every day, or try a new, more effective antidepressant. The new adage says: "When you go through, please record; when you record, Please upload; when you upload, please share." In pursuit of health, happiness and strength, humans will gradually change their first characteristics, then another, another, until they are no longer human.

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