The past and present of speech recognition technology

Introduction: Speaking of speech recognition technology, we are familiar with the Apple voice assistant Siri, Google's Googlenow, and Baidu voice search and other personal terminal applications, but these companies can only be said to be the upstart of voice recognition technology, Nuance company It is the ancestor of speech recognition technology.

The past and present of speech recognition technology

Naunce used to be the leader in speech recognition. Over 80% of speech recognition systems in the world have applied Nuance recognition engine technology. Its voice products can support more than 50 languages ​​and have more than 2 billion users worldwide, almost monopolizing finance and telecommunications. Industry, even Apple Siri, Samsung voice assistant S-Voice is the beginning of the application of their voice recognition engine technology. At present, many people still make daily reservations, stock exchanges, or interactions with the Internet system by dialing phones based on Nuance's voice recognition, language understanding, and voiceprint authentication technologies. Call centers of companies such as American Airlines and FedEx also use Naunce voice recognition technology.

However, with the development of technology, Naunce's patents and algorithms have become less and less obvious. Speech recognition is an important technology foundation for machine intelligence. However, a speech recognition system with a better user experience relies heavily on data and experience. In particular, the development of machine learning technologies such as neural networks makes the accumulation of data and experience more efficient. It is important. Therefore, since the beginning of the 21st century, Apple, Google, Samsung and other IT giants have paid more attention to the development of artificial intelligence, and the leading edge of Naunce's voice recognition technology has gradually narrowed. Google and other companies not only acquired small and medium-sized companies with leading edge in speech recognition technology, but also invested huge sums of money in technology research and development. They also spent a lot of money to excavate a large number of technical talents from Naunce, including the founding of Nuance in 2004. Mike Cohn, let him become Google's voice technology director. Apple Siri is not Apple's own technology, but Siri Inc., which was acquired in 2010. The company's products. In 2011, Apple incorporated the technology into the iPhone 4S and launched the Siri Voice Assistant application. It was escalated and optimized in multiple versions thereafter, using more than 245 million phrases to assist in context understanding to enhance context recognition capabilities.

Of course, the voice recognition technology field can not fail to mention the software giant Microsoft. At present, Microsoft has two machine intelligence terminal products, namely Microsoft Cortana and Microsoft Ice. Cortana is the first personal application-assisted intelligent program launched by Microsoft. It is Microsoft's first attempt in machine learning and artificial intelligence. It can record user's daily use behavior and usage habits, use cloud computing, search engines and unstructured data analysis, read and learn text files, e-mail, pictures, videos and other data, understand the user's semantics and context, so that Better human-computer interaction. Microsoft Xiao Bing is a cross-platform artificial intelligence chat robot developed by the Microsoft Bing search team in China. Users can engage in intelligent dialogues on Sina Weibo, Wechat, and Mil chat platforms. In addition, Microsoft Xiao Bing also has practical tips such as group reminders, encyclopedias, weather signs, jokes, traffic guides, and restaurant reviews.

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