The prospects for submarine cables are excellent

The national network of McLaren’s nationwide network was severely disconnected. After the investigation by the national telecommunications company, it was initially determined that a submarine cable from the coast of Benin was interrupted 90 km. Submarine fiber cable repair usually takes 10 to 15 days, and Cameroon National Telecom finally decided to take a temporary route to the communication line to connect the network signal, but the speed of the network would be slow. Recently, after the Richter 9.0 earthquake in Japan, China Telecom’s two major infrastructure operators and China Unicom’s international submarine cables were partially disrupted. After emergency route adjustments, overseas voice services were largely unaffected, but the voice service connection rate and the North American region All network speeds have dropped. Major Asian telecom operators have been affected to varying degrees, and about half of the Pacific submarine cable has been destroyed.

The recent disruption of communication signals caused by natural disasters has resulted in the urgent need for the repair of submarine optical cables by operators and the improvement of disaster recovery capabilities. The submarine optical fiber cable has been greatly damaged this year. It has brought great difficulties to international communications. Operators have chosen other emergency communication methods to ensure basic communications, and communication quality has been greatly reduced. Recent natural disasters have caused operators to pay more attention to the construction of submarine optical cables and disaster recovery capabilities. This has also driven the market demand for submarine optical cables, and at the same time, operators have started to increase the quality requirements for submarine optical cables.

There are international rules for the construction of submarine cables in the world. Most of them are operating in the form of coalitions. For submarine optical cables, they require a certain amount of disaster recovery capacity. After the submarine optical cable fails, maintenance is difficult, and at present domestic Operators have higher and higher requirements for the bandwidth of export routes, increase the number of export routes, export circuit ports, and so on. In addition, for operators, the need for transmission equipment and submarine repeaters is also great, but there are still not many manufacturers providing related equipment.

It is worth mentioning that the management mode of foreign communication projects is also quite different from that in China. Generally, all the projects are outsourced and the enterprises are outsourced, and then the companies will also conduct outsourcing twice.

The domestic submarine cable has not yet been fully recognized. At present, there are still a small number of submarine optical cables that can be produced by domestic enterprises. On the one hand, market demand has not yet reached scale. On the other hand, domestic submarine cables cannot be fully recognized.

In addition, in addition to international lines, another application area of ​​submarine cable is the submarine monitoring network. If more sensors are installed on the sea floor, many submarine cables will need to be introduced. The construction of submarine fiber optic cables is mostly invested and built by many international operators. If manufacturers cannot enter the international market, their submarine cable products cannot be recognized.

The role of the government should stand out. The submarine cable market has always been a monopoly market. Many Japanese-US cable companies have a long history of development. The development of domestic submarine cables in the international market still needs to leverage on the government and relevant agencies. The government should take effective measures to minimize the safety threats to the cable, ensure the safe operation of the cable, actively coordinate with the foreign constructors, and do a good job in the subsequent submarine cable protection work. Strengthen coordination and cooperation with government departments to form linkages, complete the preparation and legislation of emergency preplans for the protection of submarine cables, and establish a long-term mechanism for the protection of submarine cables. It is hoped that relevant government departments will further increase support for the construction of a submarine cable protection linkage mechanism, the construction of a route monitoring system, and fishermen's propaganda and education. Timely assessment of the long-term safety risk of the cable was completed, the submarine protection plan was improved, and the cable protection work was fully promoted to ensure the safe operation of the submarine cable. Submarine cable protection, route monitoring and law enforcement involve many departments in coordination. To ensure the effectiveness of submarine cable protection work, it is recommended that the government take the lead in establishing a submarine cable protection linkage mechanism, in the submarine cable protection legislation, monitoring system construction, submarine cable routing fishnet cleanup and Subsequent submarine cable construction and other aspects continue to give strong support.

From the laying of submarine cable lines, there are mainly two types, including repeaters and repeaters. The circuit technology without repeaters is less difficult. In this regard, there are three domestic cable companies that can provide mature products, but the market demand is not large; the laying of submarine cables with repeaters is difficult, and repeaters need to be considered. With the supporting of submarine cables, currently only Zhongtian Technology can provide such submarine cables. From the perspective of the submarine cable market, the length of international lines can reach several thousand or even tens of thousands of kilometers. This is the main market for submarine cable.

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