The Russian media reported that "China's killer chip has harmed the US future battleship" is unconfirmed news.

The US Navy's most advanced and expensive "future warship" - the "Zumwalt" stealth guided missile destroyer had to be towed and repaired by tugboats due to technical problems "armpits" when passing through the Panama Canal. This is the latest and greatest of a series of faults since the ship was in service. On the 28th, the Russian media "Prague Online" suddenly declared that the cause of the accident was because the ship used China to create "killer chips."

"Prague Online" said in a report entitled "China has turned the US and Britain's strongest destroyers into tin cans", not only the "Zum Walter", the $1.2 billion British destroyer "Dunken" was recently also in NATO military exercise. Similar failures occurred in the middle, and the cause of the failure was due to the use of Chinese-made chips.

The report said that the Pentagon has purchased tens of thousands of Chinese chips. In fact, the Obama administration has long been warned that "there are problems with this batch of chips." There are also reports that these chips may cause abnormalities in the US military system, but the Pentagon still insists on purchasing. The article also claims that there are "killer chips" in almost all military equipment and communication systems in the United States and Britain.

In the Russian version of the report of Pravda Online, the news came from a media called Eer. The media is called "Foreign Economic Relations" and is a Russian-English bilingual magazine.

It is understood that "Prague Online" has nothing to do with Russia's long-established "Pravda", but the first Russian on the Internet, created by some editors who resigned from Pravda in the late 1990s. The newspaper is available in English, Italian and Portuguese.

Although there are many languages, the report of "Russian Online" has always been "not very reliable," and many of the news "unconfirmed." For example, in 2010, it reported that it had created a time machine in Europe.

Similarly, the report that the "Chinese killer chip has harmed the US future battleship" has not been confirmed by the US Pentagon. Regarding the cause of the "Zumwalt" accident, the US Third Fleet provided only a few details. Its initial report indicated that the problem lies in a heat exchanger of the ship's integrated power system, which is both a propulsion device and a sensor. Weapons and the life of the ship’s officers and men provide electricity.

Zhang Junshe, a researcher at the Chinese Naval Military Academic Research Institute, told the World Wide Web reporter on the 29th that the "Zhongzhen Online" statement is simply "insulting the IQ of the United States." The US military's components for core equipment are generally rarely imported from abroad. Even if it is introduced, it will inevitably be strictly and strictly checked. It will not be stupid enough to know that there are problems to be used. It is ridiculous to say that China’s intentional export of chips is even more ridiculous. In peacetime, any country doing so is equal to the road to self-destruction.

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