The US Department of Energy organized a group to come to Hangzhou to find a market

On September 18th, Mr. Mark Ginsberg, the special representative of the US Secretary of Energy, led a delegation to Hangzhou. During the day without disturbing the government's top management and the media, he visited a number of LED companies in Hangzhou and sought new ones. The possibility of energy cooperation.

"Hangzhou has a complete semiconductor lighting industry chain, and the speed of rapid market development and rapid development of the company has left a deep impression on the development and utilization of new energy," Mr. Mark said.

The data shows that China's LED industry is entering a fast-rising channel, and the growth rate is particularly alarming. In 2010, the entire LED lighting industry is expected to exceed the output value of 150 billion yuan.

"The LED market is too big"

“LED is known as the fourth-generation light source, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, long service life and beautiful light color. It sounds like LED lights are very professional, but they are very close to the lives of ordinary people. Traffic traffic lights, mobile phone displays, etc. It is an LED light source, as well as street lights, electrical indicator lights, display screens, landscape lighting, interior decoration, etc. "Zhu Xiaoyu, chairman of Zhejiang Zhongzhou Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. said.

The “Wind and Light Complementary LED Street Light” produced by Zhongzhou Optoelectronics is one of many LED products. In the view of Zhang Shufa, the company's general manager, "The LED market is too big!"

"Take a street lamp and say that in 2009, the Ministry of Science and Technology launched the 'Ten Cities and Ten Thousand' semiconductor lighting application engineering pilot project, there are about 15 billion yuan of business opportunities - that is only the amount of pilots in 21 cities." City Science and Technology Bureau High-tech Office Director Shen Yong told reporters.

Shen Yong said that there are about 28 million street lamps in China's road lighting market, and 3 to 4 million new lights are added and replaced every year. If these traditional street lights can be replaced by LED lights, it will be a huge market. In addition to municipal road lighting, in accordance with the development goals set by Hangzhou, by 2013, semiconductor lighting manufacturers will expand to more than 200, and achieve sales of related products of more than 18 billion yuan.

Hangzhou attracts the attention of international giants

Due to its energy-saving features, LED lighting has become the most dazzling product at this year's Shanghai World Expo. The LED applications in the fields of transportation, commerce, electronics and so on have all developed, which has promoted the rapid development of the entire LED industry.

“Hangzhou plays an important role in the domestic LED market.” Shen Yong said that Hangzhou has basically formed an industrial chain including “epitaxial-chip-package-testing equipment-phosphor-silica-driver-power supply-application products”. The chain of the industry chain has a certain scale of core enterprises, driving the sales revenue of LED-related products to reach 8 billion yuan.

"Now is the climbing stage of LED. Although it is not applied to daily lighting for a while, the prospects are very optimistic. This year is a key year for the company's development. The output value is expected to exceed 260 million yuan. It will reach 400 million to 500 million next year. Yuan." Zhu Xiaoyu said.

A dilemma that cannot be ignored is that LED lamps are very popular in foreign markets, but they are not popular in China due to their high cost.

It is in this context that the large delegation led by Mr. Mark is particularly eye-catching. The members of the delegation included representatives from the business and political circles in the United States, as well as representatives from the Chambers of Commerce in France and Australia, and even representatives from Japanese companies.

The prospects are broad and investment needs to be cautious

It is predicted that in 2010, the global lighting market will reach 100 billion US dollars. LED light source will gradually replace the light source such as incandescent lamp due to its advantages of energy saving and emission reduction, and finally win the huge market.

"In the past ten years, the global LED market has grown at an average annual growth rate of more than 20%; conservatively, the market size in the next 15 years is expected to reach 200 billion US dollars, equivalent to more than 100 billion yuan." Zhu Xiaoyu said.

The burgeoning LED lighting market is a new feast for China's manufacturing industry and a carnival for venture capital. In just a few years, all aspects of China's LED industry are crowded with industry and non-industry investors. In the LED lighting application, there have been 4,000 companies in the past two years.

But industry experts have warned that investment in the LED industry still needs to be cautious. From the past few years, the application prospects of LEDs are extremely broad. However, there are more and more companies engaged in LED related fields, but the market is not as optimistic as the company imagines. The main performance is that low wattage LED luminaire chips cost only 20%, LED packaging costs account for about 45%, and domestic LED packaging technology Still not mature, resulting in difficulties in the promotion of LED lamps.